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Yay! Semi-empty hard drives!

03/31/05 @ 04:16:45 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 560 words, 647 views  

So, now that I've got THAT straightened out... Not entirely though, but enough to get to work on some stuff.

I just started some hands-on reviewage of a pretty good RPG from a company I've never heard of. Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana from 'Gust'. (Who have apparently been making this series for a while now) So far it seems pretty good. The graphics are cute and vibrant, unlike the sort of subdued artful graphics I've gotten used to in games like Stella Deus, and to a lesser degree, Radiata Stories. (Radiata was far less cartoonish, well maybe not less...just more 'stylized' than 'cartoonish', and colorful...but very beautiful and artistic.)

It employs a magic system based around alchemy, where you have many different elements in your inventory to make up the alchemic formulas. (Which you seem to get by bapping certain environmental objects when you're walking around.)

The combat system is interesting, as it sports NO MENUS. Action selection is accomplished by rotating a ring of icons over the character's head that appears when it's their turn.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. At any rate, I plan to review Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana 2 when it comes out at the end of May. (I also wouldn't mind checking out the other games in the series, such as Atelier Violet)

I also did a short bit of hands-on with the Gantz game....before my hands turned green and fell off... I'm going to give it another try soon... I hope my first impressions were horribly wrong. :x

Given that... I hope 'Beck: The Game' turns out better. -_-;

Other things I've got lined up:

While not brand new, I just couldn't resist the chance to review, Sanyo Pachinko Paradise 11.

Also, being a huge fan of Disgaea, which I NEVER FINISHED.... -_- ...I want to check out Phantom Kingdom, asap.

And, because it's been atleast two months since I played the LAST Armored Core game... I might as well check out the PS2 counterpart of the first Armored Core game for the PSP... Armored Core Formula Front

Speaking of the PSP... If I was going to get one of the new handhelds...that would be the one. omfgwtfbbq... FAFNER GAME FOR PSP! Not to mention stuff like Front Mission 4.

I Just wish there was some kind of discount or something for having the console know? I mean, think about the TurboDuo... You could take the actual games from your Turbo Grafx 16, and pop them right in the handheld... We need shit like that. Because they're crazy if they think people are going to pay $60 TWICE just to have the same game for their console AND hand held. (Movies too! Movies are expensive enough as it is without needing SOMETHING to watch in UMD format too! Stupid Sony. How many people bought your pre-recorded minidisc albums, huh? Exactly.) And can you imagine all the great titles you could take with you wherever you want? RPGs and stuff... Pachinko games! Perfect travel games that will, for some reason, never be ported.

Maybe some sort of external DVD-drive for the PSP would be in order, ne? It would lower the portability...but look at it this way: Just how much LESS portable is the PSP when there's a discman-sized thing attached to it via a thin wire? Isn't that what we have pockets for?

Different strokes.

03/30/05 @ 09:59:07 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 45 words, 632 views  

It seems Shinsen-Manga has found suitable new partners with whom to (badly) scanlate the Samurai Champloo manga. I have little doubt that the self-proclaimed pedophiles of 'Nonce' will be a perfect match for Shinsen. I wish them both a joyful and lasting civil-unio--err, partnership.

Gaijin Samurai Coverart

03/30/05 @ 04:09:33 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 199 words, 590 views  

I think I'll kill the remaining time before FedEX arrives, by making a mock-up of the cover for Gaijin Samurai Volume 1. (Without the main cover art, for the time I haven't modeled Trencher's apartment yet...) The cover was going to be a pic of one of Trencher's Militech Avenger IIs, with the slide open and mag out, a box of ammo and some loose rounds, his sword, and the piece of paper with '侍' on it, that Kitajima-sensei gave him.* All laid out on the table in his livingroom/bedroom like he's getting ready for a job.

I like that sort of contrast... A thoroughly ordinary, cheap, Japanese apartment, with a bunch of weapons laid out on the table like nothing. (Added to nicely by sunlight filtering in through the window, casting dust-filled rays onto the table)

* Goddammit... I have that piece of paper somewhere, but it's missing...I think Trencher took it back... It's pretty bad when fictional characters who are supposed to be you start stealing shit from you. :P

After realizing this, I went looking...and eventually found it. Trencher didn't reclaim it, but the mess that makes up most of my livingspace had.

Gaijin Samurai!

03/29/05 @ 09:09:26 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 221 words, 583 views  

I've been kinda-sorta busy, I guess. I made a decent logo for Gaijin Samurai. Much much better than the previous one. In case anyone is wondering, I achieved the wonderful blood splatter effect in illustrator by drawing out paths with the pencil tool, and applying one of many 'ink drop' or 'ink splatter' strokes from the 'Artistic - Inks' brush palette. I love working with Illustrator and Photoshop together on my dual-monitor setup... Nothing beats it.

Here it is.

I also made an alternate version with a dropshadow, but I abandoned it because originally the dropshadow was supposed to seperate the 'Gaijin Samurai' text from the background...but it only worked about 80%, then I decided to just add a 1 pixel black stroke to the text and that's the final image you see above. With just the stroke, it achieves the seperation from the background, and still looks like it's just painted over the kanji. (This alternate version was made after the original drop shadow version was abandoned, and that's why it has both the dropshadow, and the stroke.)

In my usual indecisive crazy-ass way, I have actually come to like the alternate version more... Even though the drop shadow doesn't quite fit (The blood splatters appear evenly on that text and the background, as if they're the same surface), it looks better.

Sora ni migoto na kinoko no kumo

03/29/05 @ 08:59:58 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 59 words, 621 views  

I've been watching Paranoia Agent, and...I'm not sure which, but I've either almost achieved full understanding of the universe...or my skull is slowly filling with blood. This much I know for sure: Satoshi Kon is directly out of his fucking mind. And the first DVD quite appropriately features an interview with him, being conducted by a psychologist.



03/28/05 @ 02:37:19 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 51 words, 581 views  

...and the peasants rejoiced.

I've had this promo logo for Kasei no Suna kicking around for a year or so, but I couldn't get the kanji the way I wanted until now.

Here it is.

The 'wtf' Japanese cursive version.

Version with English text also.

English version, with alternate kanji typeface.

Just checking in.

03/28/05 @ 01:28:01 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 185 words, 585 views  

I've been trying to get stuff done on the site, despite the fact that I can't make progress with any sort of momentum until my DVDs arrive and I can clear my HDs... Well, I failed. I did come up with an idea though. I think I might buy subscriptions to a bunch of Japanese magazines. See, I figure I can get information from them I wouldn't get otherwise, AND it'll be conducive to my learning to read Japanese better. To that end, I'm gonna purchase the current issues of a bunch of mags from Animenation, and see which ones I might want to subscribe to.

Just thought I'd share this little part of my plans for world domination. :P

btw, their prices on import issues of Newtype are pretty good if you just wait a month. They drop down to almost half cover-price! (And you'll STILL have the information TWO months before it makes Newtype USA) And Shounen GanGan seems like a pretty good deal. $6.95 for an 800 page mag that covers games, anime, manga, everything! (Not to mention the 20 serialized manga in each issue)

wtf am I waiting for?!

03/27/05 @ 07:49:34 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 147 words, 542 views  

In case you haven't read my explanation of what's holding stuff up, one of them is that I have no DVDs left, and my hard drives are full of crap that I can't just delete.

Newegg to the rescue. So, Wednesday, FedEX will deliver my precious bundle... A new Sony DW-D26A DVD burner. (16x DVD+/-R, 4/6x DVD+/-RW, 4x DVD+R Dual Layer.) A couple 5 packs of DVD+R Dual Layer discs, and a spindle of 8x DVD-R. (Also, the VGA cable I need to hook my projector up to the PC.)

And then I should be able to 'unfuck my shit'.

Also, I ordered some stuff from Play-Asia. A DuoCon2 one-handed RPG controller. (Also known as Baka-chan's excellent Pachinko game controller) A PS* to USB controller adapter. And, because I found a driver for the Steel Battalion controller, an Xbox to USB controller cable.

What can I say? I'm an attention whore.

03/26/05 @ 10:37:19 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 232 words, 533 views  

In #GPMoD:

[03.27/00.38.41] * Joins: seaquake (
[03.27/00.38.53] <@Baka-chan> 'ello my son.

[03.27/00.39.02] * Baka-chan sets mode: +b *!*
[03.27/00.39.04] * seaquake was kicked by Baka-chan (Goodbye.)

[03.27/00.39.16] <@Baka-chan> That felt good.
[03.27/00.48.08] * Joins: off (

[03.27/00.48.09] <off> Damn, I was checking to see if you were dead but I guess that I was wrong. Well, I will just keep on praying. Oh yeah, you are blocked so go ahead and respond away, FUCKER :)
[03.27/00.48.10] <off> lol

[03.27/00.48.13] * Parts: off (

In #kutabacchimae:

[03.27/00.50.03] <Baka-chan> I do so enjoy being hated....
[03.27/00.50.28] <Baka-chan> (Copies and pastes from GPMoD)

[03.27/01.05.47] * Joins: CaptainStabbin` (~ddd@

[03.27/01.05.51] * Parts: CaptainStabbin` (~ddd@
[03.27/01.06.17] <Baka-chan> .... Was that one of mine....or one of yours?

[03.27/01.07.29] * ShdzOfGrey sets mode: +b *!*@202.84.222.*

[03.27/01.07.31] <@ShdzOfGrey> Mine

For those who were wondering, yes. My greeting for seaquake is indeed a reference to Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. (Barry the Baptist: 'ello my son. Would you like a lolly? Little Chris: Piss off, you nonce!)

All hacks off the stage!

03/26/05 @ 09:27:03 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 119 words, 543 views  

Fools! DAMNED FOOLS! This is the only way I can describe IGN.

Granted, the games I'm covering are not exactly 'mainstream'...but they're the games WE want to see, dammit.

They want money for reviews that sound like they're written by idiots, videos that are small, blurry, and poorly encoded (And those are the PAYING SUBSCRIBER VIDEOES!), no decent coverage of games that would interest the average anime fan... AND THEY'RE NOT GIVING SHIT AWAY!

(They also don't have a manga, or any interest in teaching you computer animation, or anything else. And if you sent an email to them asking for a particular video, or coverage on a particular game... It'd probably be deleted without being read. :P)

Just some news

03/26/05 @ 11:02:47 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 359 words, 566 views  

Okay, GPMoD has TWO subscribers now! This is a good start. 8 more or so, and we'll be able to have the first giveaway!

I'm currently using the paypal and everything, but sometime soon I'm going to have a dedicated account. In fact, that's one of the major roadblocks right now for the site. I need to go get a new photo ID, so I can start a seperate bank account for GPMoD... Then I'll make a new paypal account, and I'll be able to sign up for all the affiliate programs I wanted to. I'll probably do that in the next week or two.

About the affiliate programs, I know I joke about being a whorish link-bastard... But there's not a damn thing I'm signing up for that I don't use myself., Play-Asia, Dreamhost, Newegg, Shop4Tech, Giganews. These are the places I swear by for their services, and I figure if it's good enough for me, it pretty much has to be good enough for everyone else... Since I'm such a notoriously picky bastard.

As to the halted progress on the site, I'm waiting on my DVDs and new burner from Newegg, which will be arriving Wednesday. After I clear all the accumulated crap off my hard drives, I'll be able to capture again. And I'll get right to work on all the games I want to review.

Back to the subject of subscriptions... If you want to subscribe, let me know. I have a paypal button ready, but I haven't put it on the site yet. Anyone who subscribes between now, and the time that I deem the density of content on the site is worthy of the site being 'officially live', will effectively not be charged for that period of time. You will have full access to the site in the meantime, as content begins to collect, but your paid subscription won't begin until the site officially goes live. So you're getting quite a deal. Not only will you get a big chunk of free access to the completed site, but you'll have really good odds at winning the first several giveaways.

Stupid people never cease to amuse me. Tools.

03/24/05 @ 12:00:00 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 1379 words, 785 views  

The following is an exchange that took place in the comments for a post of Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi....dubbed... I'm trying not to swallow my tongue as I say that...

Now, as usual, when I saw someone had commented on something this stupid, I had to see wtf they could have possibly said. You never know, I might have run into someone who, like me, would have been berating the general populace for such a thing existing, let alone being posted. Allies are always handy, even if they turn out to merely be cannonfodder against the stupid masses.

Spirited Away
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Comment created by Editor muvijunkie [privmsg] at 07:38AM -- Tuesday March 22 2005 EST

been waiting a long time for this one...

hope you up cd2.....TIA


(no subject)
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Comment created by Member Baka-chan [privmsg] at 08:19AM -- Tuesday March 22 2005 EST

Yes, I'd imagine that for someone who can't even spell their username, the prospect of having to read subtitles would be terrifying.

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Re: (no subject)
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Comment created by Editor muvijunkie [privmsg] at 11:09PM -- Tuesday March 22 2005 EST

> Yes, I'd imagine that for someone who can't even spell their username, the prospect of having to read subtitles would be terrifying.

wtf u talkin bout "willis"


wtf am I talking about?
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Comment created by Member Baka-chan [privmsg] at 12:39PM -- Wednesday March 23 2005 EST

You being an illiterate monkey, of course. ...was I being too subtle?

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I think that whole thing just speaks for itself...I don't even have to add notes in the margins to point out how ridiculous this guy is.

Lewis Black is right, being an asshole is just like taking vitamins. I feel great. I'm gonna live for-fucking-ever. In fact, next moron college kid that comes bouncing down the stairs like they're made of concrete (Screw the ambiguous wording, it works either way), I'm going to chase down the stairs with my bokken yelling "YOU DAMN KIDS GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN!!" That's like a week's worth of exercise and eating right, and it'll only take me 20 seconds! Go me!


He actually came back... What the hell do these people think they're going to accomplish like this? They're already beaten the second they try to fight me...why must they throw their lives away? Oh wait... I forgot for a second that stupid people are better off dead. Nandemonai yo~ ^_^

Re: Re: wtf am I talking about?
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Comment created by Editor muvijunkie [privmsg] at 06:48PM -- Wednesday March 23 2005 EST

> > You being an illiterate monkey, of course. ...was I being too subtle?

> That's what I love about the internet even dweebs have balls.

> Oh my God Please not an illterate monkey and please no big words like subtle. I can't believe I am even playing your foolish game, there are a lot more things in life to be concerned with than my illiteracy. Use your literacy for a more important objective please. I truly am not worth your time or effort.

Hey shit for brains I am a little slow and old. I just got what you meant...Look back and see the last time Sprited Away was even posted in any format at all. Too old to even like anime it is for a friend, something you probably know nothing about.




Any of you notice something wrong with this post? Like the fact that his lines appear to be copied as if a reply...and there's an extra 'Re:' in the subject... This is indicative of his not knowing what in the name of fuck he's doing. He created a new post...and wanted to add to he replied to it, making ANOTHER post, adding his bits... Then, realizing that, he went back and deleted the original reply to my comment. What the hell, man? Learn how to use this shit. You're so far beneath me that I merely said this was 'entertaining' to be polite!

(no subject)
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Comment created by Member Baka-chan [privmsg] at 05:58AM -- Thursday March 24 2005 EST

'old'? Given your penchant for resorting to sadly cliched attempts at insults, that'd be...what? 12? 15? (Talk about cliched! I half expected you to accuse me of being fat, too. Though, you didn't head for 'your mother' I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say 14-16.)

*sigh* I see now, you're another one of those fools who won't let go, even when they're already bested... Like a goddamn pitbull... You've locked your jaw around my ankle, and it's not gonna come loose until I cut your head off, eh? Sore mou yoi... Though I daren't tarnish my finely-honed steel with blood of the my finely-honed rhetoric will have to suffice. The people who visit my site just eat this stuff up... God only knows why...but I've learned not to question my fanbase... It usually only leads to the feeling that I don't have enough locks on my door.

Okay, I've turned off my DLP projector... No more 8-foot television to distract me.


First off, you'll find me to be just as ballsy face to face. And... 'dweeb'? I didn't know people still used that word... Geek, nerd, dork, otaku...whatever. It's a lucrative 'field'. Next time, stick to epithets that don't imply I know more than you, okay? Mattaku... I look for worthy opponents and this is what I get?

Secondly...and you have no idea how tired I am of hearing this... I -do- use my 'literacy' for 'more important objectives'. Such important objectives as...making enough money that I can just, on a whim, go 'Gee, I've always wanted a TV as big as my wall!' Doing what, exactly? Sitting around watching anime and playing videogames, while expending as little effort as possible. Oh yeah, and that little thing I've got going on the side...what was it again? Oh yeah... Making anime. How could I forget? xD

There's more important things in life than making the impression that you're not stupid? Hmm, ALMOST have the correct sentiment... I won't argue that there are more important things in life...but you have to admit that not being stupid is pretty damned important. Here's an idea, we'll call it 'Baka-chan field experiment #1' time you're at a job interview, act like you don't know a goddamn thing. In fact, give them your resume hand-drawn in crayon. We'll see which one of us is correct. Hell, you probably couldn't even get a job at McD's like that. Maybe...MAYBE you could get a job bagging groceries in one of those 'right to work' states... Afterall, the interview probably consists of them asking you to say 'Paper or plastic?', and seeing whether or not you fall down.

Too old for anime? Yare yare... The width and breadth of your ignorance is almost beyond the ability of man or machine to quantify... That's like saying you're 'too old for books' because some books are for children. You being such an ignorant, xenophobic, dolt, I'm surprised you actually commented on this post...I mean, my God! Someone might find out you downloaded it! (Then they might actually confuse you with someone who's culturally enlightened... *shudder*)

My recommendation? Go to Blockbuster. VCD quality isn't worthy of a Miyazaki film. Neither is the horrendous English dub... I should know, I had to review it. I had people restraining me so I wouldn't ram chopsticks into my ears.

For a friend, huh? Fine, we'll leave it at that.

Friends don't let friends watch dubbed anime. (Unless you secretly hate them and are trying to drive them to taking their own life with a dull grapefruit spoon.)

Anyway, as you so kindly pointed out, I have more important things to do, it's been real entertaining though. (I'm sure the visitors to my site will agree) Sore ja, matane~

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Comment created by Editor muvijunkie [privmsg] at 07:18AM -- Thursday March 24 2005 EST

too long to read sorry



03/23/05 @ 10:19:28 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 205 words, 546 views  

Okay, so I ended up watching some Comic Party, and it made me want to get something done... -_-

Anyway, I had a look around at what games came out relatively recently, and have added some more 'to-be-reviewed' games to the list:

Get Ride AMDriver: Rivalry of Truth They put it in the same category as Zone of The Enders, and the graphics look pretty good.

Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator *Shrug* I've never played a 'Wild Arms' game, so I figure now's as good a time as any.

The Rumble Fish Couldn't help it, I wanted to see why anyone would pay $65 for a fighting game with a stupid name.

Shinki Gensou Spectral Souls II This actually looks interesting.

Comic Party is a good anime, if you haven't seen it, you should. And the US DVDs are great. They didn't strip out all of the Japan-centric and otaku stuff, in an effort to over-explain things. I always burst out laughing when Eimi starts yelling at Yuu about being a 'country panda' and how she should 'go back to the mountains of Kobe'... And if I hear Chisa say 'desuu~' one more time, I might burst. (The interviews and specials are all included as well, yay~!)

Re: People who CAN draw.

03/23/05 @ 12:49:16 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 121 words, 575 views  

I would like to reiterate once again, that despite being an animator, I cannot draw worth shit.

It is at this time that I would like to direct you all to Jin Wicked's most nifty comic, 'Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break'. I find it to be intelligent and funny...that being the case, I'm sure you all will as well...or else. :>

And with that, I think I've 'accomplished' enough today, I'm going to crawl back into bed and hide from the world while watching Grosse Pointe Blank and some FLCL. If only I had my VGA cable to run to the projector! I could read webco-- err, I mean play ga-- err, I mean work from bed! Brilliant!

Damn, man.

03/23/05 @ 09:43:26 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 410 words, 573 views  

Now that I've done my semi-daily cleanup of the thousand or so spamful referrer hits... (Fucking spambastards! I'll kill you all!)

There's a lot going on, so I'll say this: All in due time.

My computer is kludged full of shit because I ran out of DVDs, so I've been unable to do further video captures (Also, I managed to scratch the living shit out of one of the game discs I needed to review, and I have to deal with that in due time, as well.)

LLTA: I'll try to have everything up and running by the time you get real internet out there.


Wrap up of my opinions of current US cinema:
Hostage: Awesome. Good action. Good acting, even from all the kids. Well-shot. Satisfying. Overall, a good flick.

Assualt on Precinct 13:

Very good for a somewhat cliched, and yet not, re-make. Pretty much the same praise as Hostage. But don't expect the best movie you've ever seen. Just a satisfying action suspense thriller. 'cause that's what you paid to see, right?

Sin CIty:
I'll know next week or so. I can't wait. It's going to be mindblowing. I love the comics, though I've never read two of the three big books that make up the main storylines of the movie... But they perfectly recreate so many powerful bits of imagery from the comic.


Right now I'm 'experiencing' Jyuuni Kokki on the Giant Wallscreen of Doom. While I await my opportunity to review the remastered version of Shin Seiki Evangelion...which from the looks of things, is going to blow me right the fsck out of my socks. I mean, my god. I just hope they kept the Japanese op/ed this time... The folks at Gainax put a shitton of work into those beautiful titles. If they didn't, I swear to god, I'm going to completely boycott ADV. (As if I need a reason after the Gantz fiasco...Jesus Christ...)

Oh yeah, and before I forget... You should all give this a read. And if you like it as much as I do (A LOT), buy the limited-run hardcover version. For $30 it comes signed, with a dustcover illustrated by Gabe over at Penny-Arcade.

Anyway, I'd like to say that Jyuuni Kokki looks incredible, even, you know...8-feet-wide. Which is surpising... Because they're not exactly the newest DVDs in my collection, you know? (And there's a lot of episodes per disc) But it's all so crisp and perfect...


03/21/05 @ 07:34:23 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 34 words, 505 views  

GLORIOUS! FSCKING GLORIOUS!!! Verizon upgraded my line from 1.5mbits/384kbits to 3mbits/768kbits for just an additional $10... This should tide me over until FIOS becomes available, and I can get 15mbits/2mbits for another $10.

Okay... I guess.

03/18/05 @ 06:50:12 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 64 words, 545 views  

Okay, so I'm past that whole emo thing that was going on this morning... I'm just gonna stew for a while I guess.

Anyway, some upcoming PS2 reviews:

Hissatsu Pachinko Station, Volume 10

That's right. You heard me. GANTZ, the motherfucking PS2 game. It came out yesterday.

Among the new games I will not be reviwing is:

The latest piece of shit Naruto game.

Still cleaning up...

03/16/05 @ 11:50:43 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 66 words, 554 views  

Something about this blog has been bothering me to no end. I'm going to completely overhaul the categories and everything, because it's become too much of a mess. Then I'm going to make a new 'skin' suitable for making the blog viewable from inside the main GPMoD site via Mambo's 'wrapper' function.

Current aural stimulation:
Well, The Pillows, I guess. I'm watching FLCL in the background.

I'm hungry.... =__=

03/16/05 @ 11:39:33 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 181 words, 559 views  

So, as those of you hanging out in #GPMoD probably noticed...I've been having a bit of a nutty today. Not being able to afford to eat well or regularly is destroying my mind. I had a dream that I was complaining about dreaming about dreaming about eating pizza. No, that's not a typo, I meant to say that twice. So let's get this straight... I had a dream that I had a dream that I had a dream that I was stuffing my face with pizza. ...and I thought it was bad enough in the dream, when I was complaining about merely TWO iterations.

My miserable lot.

And this is the kind of support my friends provide!

[03.17/00.17.32] (Baka-chan) Okay. This situation is fucking un-tenable. I'm having dreams about dreams about dreams about eating pizza.

[03.17/00.17.50] (Baka-chan) And I thought it was pretty bad in the dream I was having when I was complaining about dreams about dreams about eating pizza...
[03.17/00.26.02] (ShdzOfGrey) Mushrooms, olives, and pepperoni?

[03.17/00.26.32] (Baka-chan) Extra large, double-cheese, everything.
[03.17/00.26.47] (Baka-chan) ..waitasecond.... FUCK YOU!

[03.17/00.26.49] (Baka-chan) Stop that!
[03.17/00.27.07] (Baka-chan) Bastard.

[03.17/00.28.51] (ShdzOfGrey) ROFL

Some cleaning up....

03/16/05 @ 04:45:08 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 43 words, 546 views  

Call it what you will, a cover-up, a conspiracy... Whatever. In the interest of maintaining my tenuous grip on sanity, I did my best to un-publish all the posts about the original PDF-version of the magazine. Take your complaints with you to hell. :>

tashika me ni ikou...

03/15/05 @ 08:56:41 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 247 words, 565 views  

My hard drives are stuffed full of crap because I'm out of DVDs, my capture card is acting funny, and I have no food. But I feel like I'm coming closer to accomplishing something.

Sorry I've been lame about this stuff, I'm doing the best I can, and sometimes that's not good enough. But I will do it, no matter what. The way my brain works, I have to deal with the task infront of me, because no matter how much effort I aim at something, I won't accomplish the task if my head isn't in it. I'm trying to do a thousand things at once, so it's like, all the different things I have to do accumulate towards completion, little by little.

There's no priority, no one task is really any more or less important than any other... But I can only make progress on the task at-hand. That's the only way I can get anything done.

Soon enough, I hope to get that straightened out, the first step is to be able to stop worrying about a lot of the stuff I worry about... After that, I don't know.

As I stated in my last post, I did some writing on Gaijin Samurai and various short stories in the same universe. I've also been writing for various manga for the all I have to do is, you know...learn how to draw. Anyway kids, matane~

Current aural stimulation: I just told you what!

Well kids....

03/15/05 @ 03:45:57 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 218 words, 591 views  

I'm having a relatively good week...despite the fact that I'm too broke for, you

I feel like I'm actually making progress. I feel like I can get stuff done. I finished the capping and encoding of most of the first wave of Stella Deus vids. I managed to clean the livingroom a bit. I wrote out an outline for most of my Fool's Errand OVA for Gaijin Samurai. And it seems, I may not have to kill LL--err, yeah... Anyway...

And ontop of all that... I HAVE A NEW THEMESONG! I found a torrent with most of The Pillows' albums in it... (Which I now want to buy all of... T_T) And on the album 'Fool on The Planet', I found the title song, 'Fool on The Planet' (Imagine that!)...and it is so my new theme song.

Before I forget, if any of you are big Green Day fans, I have an old promotional advance CD of Dookie I'm going to be selling on eBay soon. As nice as it is having such a rare copy of one of their best is nicer. A CD is a CD... At this point, I don't really care whether or not it says 'ADVANCE CD' and 'PROMOTION ONLY, NOT FOR SALE' on it.

Upcoming editorial

03/13/05 @ 07:40:52 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 64 words, 546 views  

I'm going to write up the first of a series of editorials about home theater setup for gamers and anime fans. Obviously, like the well-paid whore that I am, I will be touting the benefits of DLP projection for home theater use. (Seriously though, I don't have any affiliate accounts with any places you could buy one...though 10% of that would be NICE. :p)

The obvious jokes will be met with violence.

03/13/05 @ 06:58:33 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 178 words, 603 views  

A loooong time ago, several centuries, it feels like... I saw a 1-handed Super Famicom controller made by ASCII, for playing RPGs. It was basically a puck. I thought it was pretty cool...but I never managed to get my hands on one.

From time to time, I've played games like Front Mission 4 with my PS2 DVD remote... (Though it proves pretty unresponsive at times.) Well, some folks over in the land of the rising sun once again hit on the idea. The results can be seen here.

It's a one-handed PS2 controller that even has both analog sticks, and two D-pads (One on either side, so it can be used in either hand.) Not bad. And at under $15, it's a pretty good deal. It'd be pretty sweet hooking it up to my PC and playing my pachinko games, too. Sometime soon, I plan to pick one up and review it. So stay tuned.

(As the title clearly points out, any obvious jokes about 'one-handed gaming' will be met with fierce and certain violence. You have been warned.)

Upcoming reviews

03/12/05 @ 12:13:39 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 88 words, 1037 views  

Okay, in the next few days, I'm going to have the following reviews complete and posted:
Stella Deus

Another Century's Episode
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Endless Tomorrow

Radiata Stories

After that, the first new reviews will be:
Ace Combat 5 (Ace Combat Squadron Leader)

Tekken 5
Armored Core Formula Front (PS2 version of the PSP game)


And, a mini-review of Yourself!Fitness (Yes, fuckers. Because I bet some of you could use it.)

I would -really- like to review Ace Combat 5 with Hori's 'Flight Stick 2'... But that's a pipedream...

Need some webspace?

03/10/05 @ 08:57:21 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 149 words, 597 views  
I won’t pretend I’m not whoring for my webhost, but I really do think they’re awesome. They’ve got some great plans, the cheapest of which is $9.95 a month. (Or $7.95 a month, if you pay 2 years at a time.) And you get a lot for that! (That’s a dollar more than I was paying to host TI, with only 500mb of space…)

Here’s what their entry-level managed hosting plan includes:

2400mb of storage
120gb of monthly bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL databases
600 email accounts
75 shell/ftp accounts
1 free domain registration
3 fully hosted domains
15 subdomains

Full PHP4 support
Full Unix shell
Crontab access
CGI access
Media streaming
Spam filtering

24-hour email tech support
97-day money-back guarantee

And a lot more, check out their info.

All hosted under Debian Linux. Is this awesome or what? And that’s just their cheapest account…you should see what -I- get for $19.99 a month! (The ‘Code Monster’ account)

It's not a driver problem....

03/10/05 @ 03:48:16 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 236 words, 643 views  

I've been having some issues with my new capture card... I recently found out that if I play with it just right, I can get the computer to render BOTH fields of video in synch, on the fly. Eliminating the need to deinterlace, and improving the video quality. (As solid video looks alot better than deinterlaced ghosted video anyway) It's like, if I power-cycle the PS2, it breaks the video thing, and everything's interlaced again... And I have to go into the device manager and disable and re-enable the card... Then it MIGHT work if I'm doing everything right, and the gods are with me.

So, as I said when talking to someone about this earlier, "It's not a driver's a 'Taiwainese piece of shit' problem". So, I think soon I'mma have to do something about that. I'm sorta wary of this whole S-video capture dealie anyway. So, if you kids start subscribing, hopefully I'll be able to get a better capture setup soon. Such as the ADS Pyro A/V Link. Which is an external firewire box that takes composite, S-video, and COMPONENT VIDEO. Component video capture would give me 3x the definition. Pretty much every penny you guys spend on the mag, or GPMoD merch, goes to the betterment of the site and your experience of it. Enjoy!

I'm going to start uploading my reviews and stuff ASAP, as things calm down.

Say hello to the new/old management!

03/10/05 @ 03:24:44 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 68 words, 523 views  

This site is now hosted on my new host as and, will still get you here, as you probably just figured out. I'll likely leave doom's DNS pointing to this forever, no reason not to. This way, when word of my site reaches intelligent life out there, they'll still be able to access it using the old URL :P

A question of quality

03/09/05 @ 01:00:33 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 295 words, 658 views  

After doing some 'recon' over at IGN, I noticed that they capped alot of the same videos I did of Radiata Stories. The major difference is they don't know how to encode, or don't care.

Their 'full-quality' video of the opening cinematic, weighs in at a whopping 42.2mb. It's Quicktime, so you have to install QT, or QT Alternative, it still looks like crap (QT isn't exactly home of the greatest assortment of codecs), and it sounds like crap, too. (Also, though I haven't followed up on this yet, the half-res video is 320x190, so the full-res is probably 640x380...mine was capped at the full 720x480 output res.)

The video I capped is in XviD, so you can even play it on a divx/xvid compatible DVD player or set-top box, it has 320kbit MP3 audio, and looks as good as the original output from the PS2. (Flawless.) The size? 25,720,210 bytes (24.5mb)

As someone who spent a decade on the outside looking in, I know how we like to get our hands on some footage of 'that fscking awesome game' and watch it over and over again until it comes out here. $25/year is a small price to pay for the best quality videos, and constant chances to win games and anime. You owe it to yourself. ;)

Look at it this way: Have you ever wanted to play an upcoming game so bad that you'd be willing to buy an import copy, but didn't want to spend the money? Maybe you'll get lucky and win a chance to pick a free game. Remember, that's import or domestic! And the frequency and scale of the giveaways is based entirely on the userbase! Donations, purchases, subscriptions, buying from our affiliates. It all contributes to the giveaways.

mada mada da

03/08/05 @ 11:57:11 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 190 words, 546 views  

Okay, almost there. For all intents and purposes, the site is ready. I'm just having trouble getting the content up. As I may or may not have said earlier, anyone subscribing soon, will get an extra couple months tacked on in recognition of the fact that the site is going to be pretty rough for the first couple months. Plus, their subscription won't actually 'start' until I deem the site 'ready'. (So get in at the beginning, there's no telling how much free access you'll get in the meantime!)

That said, here's a little test vid I capped from Radiata Stories, of the first combat you'll encounter. (btw, until I debug it, I've ditched OGG in favor of MP3, 320kbits!)

The video is XviD, and thanks to the excellent folks at Square-Enix, it is in 16:9 widescreen!

The Video

And yes, the fight is a no-win scenario. The best you can hope to do, is give Ridley enough trouble that she'll use that devestating special attack on you, like I managed to do. Poor Jack, son of the legendary dragon slayer...getting his ass owned (rather badly) by a girl. :P

Site rollout

03/05/05 @ 10:14:14 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 104 words, 500 views  

Okay, the site is almost ready, I need to tweak the stylesheets a little more, but for now they're fine... I'm thinking maybe make the links blend with the text more or less, then they look like links when you hover over them. Or maybe, they look like normal text, but have some sort of shaded 'highlight' around them, in the form of a box. Any of you know how to do that?

Anyway, for the progress I've made so far, you all really need to thank Ibuki, for poking me with a stick every now and again. ;)

サンキュウ、キミちゃん!♥♥♥ キミちゃんは最高! ♥♥♥

Not quite dead yet.

03/05/05 @ 01:31:46 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 281 words, 508 views  

Okay kids, I'm back up to about 75% operational capacity. (Still a little congested, and am coughing up a lung every now and again, but I can get out of bed atleast.) I look forward to getting back to work in full-swing, over this weekend.

As you can see, I've already done the images for, and all that's left now is to edit the stylesheets to match the color scheme. After that, I'll finish capping and uploading all the gameplay vids for the current reviews, and move the site to the live root domain. Then maybe go back and change some of the images. (I did a rush job and merely palette-matched the bullets and other nothing images, which I could probably make even cooler if I did them totally custom)

Despite LLTA's whining bullshit, I look forward to having more subscribers. Remember, once I get enough subscriptions to cover my costs, the rest goes into giveaways! So it's in your vested interest to subscribe now, because even if things are going to be rough and unrefined the first year or so, you've got a 1-in-10 chance of winning $60 worth of more or less whatever you want!

News on the T-shirts:

I've come up with a preliminary design that I'll see if Cafepress can pull off. If they can, the shirts (And these aren't T-shirts, really, they're 'baseball jerseys', long-sleeve shirts with contrasting sleeves.) will be somewhere around $20 each. The (meager) profits from which will go towards the giveaway.

Front of shirt (CONCEPT)


Back of shirt (CONCEPT)

Just a design idea I was tossing around, not sure about the text around the logo...anyway, it saves you from telling people wtf GPMoD is. (Sort of)


03/04/05 @ 02:17:05 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 80 words, 530 views  

Just for that, (And you know damn-well what I'm talking about.) I'm going to take my sweet goddamn time. Impudent little shit. :lalala:

I've got a job to do and I'm gonna do it. Listening to your crap doesn't make it easier.

Get some tropical disease and DIE.

* Baka-chan goes back lying on the couch surrounded by an assortment of coughdrops, pills, and tissues, so he can watch Elfen Lied DVDs 8-feet-wide on the wall, and fantasize about LLTA's death.


03/03/05 @ 04:02:20 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 298 words, 554 views  

Still dying of the plague... I couldn't stay sitting up much longer than it took to do this, so you know now why the site still isn't up. It should pass in a day or two, at which point I will get to work right away on finishing up the site. (About an hour or two's worth of work, plus moving the files, and debugging in the new location.) Unless I get my bigass VGA cable before I'm feeling better, in which case, I can work from bed, using the projector as a monitor. (WIN!)

I had a bit of time to myself to think, and I was curious what you all thought about GPMoD shirts.

I also came up with this inane babble:


Don't ask...I don't know either. I'm delirious or something.

fucking hell....

03/01/05 @ 09:16:40 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 92 words, 535 views  

Okay, I was supposed to have the site up today, and the reason it isn't yet, is that in the last couple of days, as I was making the final changes, and prepping the site for transfer, it seems I caught the nasty bug that's going around. I'm still shooting for having it up today, even though I'm sick as fuck, and dying of SARS or something... So don't give me any shit, because if I'm going out anyway, there's no reason not to take a few unruly little shits with me.


nani sore?
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