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I thought I felt a disturbance in the force.....

02/24/05 @ 09:13:48 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 200 words, 508 views  

Yes LLTA, I know. I KNOW. FUCK! I KNOW! I can feel your dissatisfaction. There's no need to come berate me about stuff I'm already well aware of. Doing that will only make me procrastinate out of sheer spite. YOU'RE NOT EVEN IN THE COUNTRY. Go have fun with the 'whores that don't speak a word of english' or whatever the fuck it was you said was your reason to go jetting about the planet. I know the site is late, it couldn't be helped. You can still access the test site, so there's nothing to worry about. GET OVER IT, and stop making me crazy. I'm almost done with the changes. Then all I have to do is upload the articles. If it'll stop your whining, I won't start your 2-year subscription until you're back in the country, even if the site is done say...tomorrow. Okay? My work will become more reliable once I get my whole apartment situation squared away. This is merely the way of things.

I plan to have the site ready in the next day or two, and will then spend the time between then and my new deadline populating the site with articles.

The word is 'konfabulator'

02/17/05 @ 09:05:11 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 77 words, 547 views  

I installed konfabulator my desktop is full of shiny blinking shit I don't need, but'll be damned if I get rid of.

Among those, is a world-time widget, that displays my local time, and the time in 6 other places. I've found that if I feed the world-time widget a GMT offset of -108615.555 it does a very good job of approximating the time inside the 'Tokyo Jupiter' absolute barrier from RahXephon. My geekiness knows no bounds.

This is why I said '-ish'

02/16/05 @ 12:43:48 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 92 words, 557 views  

Okay, so I'm now working on getting the site ready... Not that I haven't been technically 'working on stuff for the site', as I've been playing games and anime that I'm's just that the Giant Wall-Screen of Doom has had me in thrall for the last several days.

This will no doubt only fuel LLTA's annoyingness. =_=

I'll have it done by the end of the week for sure. Since all I really have to do is finish tweaking a few things, change the graphics, and set up a payment system.

Of well-timed phonecalls...

02/11/05 @ 02:05:47 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 206 words, 1058 views  

So, after doing my best to block the livingroom window with whatever was handy, I decided to start watching Battle Royale on my new DLP Projector. I was maybe a half hour into it when I got a phone call... It was a guy doing a phone survey or poll for 'an organization trying to clean up the language and violence in our movies and television'...and as he tells me this, I'm suddenly abundantly aware of the scenes of Japanese schoolkids getting eviscerated on a 10-foot screen off to my right... It took an incredible force of will to keep from just busting a gut a laughing right then and there... But I maintained. And the guy on the other end of the phone keeps going... "I don't want to waste your time, so just answer this one question: --" I interrupt him to say, "I'm watching the bloodiest goddamn movie ever made, 8-feet wide on my wall, you're only wasting your time." He said 'Thank you, bye.' and hung up so fast, it was practically a punctuation mark for my statement. I've been laughing pretty goddamn hard since...I'll just think about it, and burst out laughing again... I'm pure evil...and I love it.

Antarctic expedition journal

02/11/05 @ 01:08:37 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 256 words, 591 views  

I went out last night to drag a friend over here to see this, this involved me walking 3 blocks to where he'd be, at that hour, closing up at work, and saying "You've got to fucking see this."

Of course, what I hadn't taken into account was the fact that it'd been snowing for a day and a half. I had to put all my weight into the building's front door to get out...because there was a fucking snow-drift infront of it.... There was also a foot of snow on the sidewalks... So about halfway there, I decided it was more prudent to walk in the street, as it was taking far too long to trudge across northern fucking Siberia. He was already locked up and everything by the time I got there, so I told him to stop by, and headed back. That's about when I noticed my hair was FROZEN. (I took a shower before I headed out 'cause I'd spent the day moving stuff around the apartment, so my hair was still a little damp) By now, many of you know that my hair is quite long... I wear it pulled straight back, in a waist-length ponytail... I reached back, and grabbed my hair because it didn't feel right...and it made a crunching sound... When I lifted it ponytail stuck straight the fuck out behind lie. =_=

I came to the conclusion that this weather was punishment from God for idolatry...apparently HE wants a 10-foot television, too.

Permalink's like...a tiny god....

02/11/05 @ 01:05:34 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 516 words, 589 views  

Well, I've got it. My BenQ PB8220 XGA-res DLP projector. It's so fucking great. Some observations:

  • I am the only person who sees rainbows, and even still only every now and then when I blink. (Though after having it a day, I now have to TRY to see them.)
  • The image quality is exceptional... Despite the fact that I literally got it, took it out of the box, set it up on a couple of ancient IBM PS/2 towers next to my desk, and projected onto a less-than-optimal wall surface across the room...
  • The 'screen door' effect, (The ability to see the outlines of the pixels) is only an issue when I get within 2-3 feet of the image.... Much less than the recommended viewing distance of '1-1.5x the screen width'...and even then the pixel effect is less objectionable than the pixels on my 1997 Samsung 27" TV.
  • Everything looks incredibly good. Even fansubs and raws and stuff played from my PC... Which is hard to believe because I was so sure that vidcaps would look like ass blown up that big. (The promo for Gankutsuou is particularly impressive.)
  • The only real issue I have is black levels during the day. If I'm watching something really bright...say, something like Azumanga Daioh, then it's fine. The overall brightness is enough to create apparent blacks just from the contrast. However, anything else, without proper light control (Which I do not have in place at the moment) lacks black definition. it's still perfectly watchable, but as they say 'your blacks are only as dark as your projection surface (unless the room is darkened)'. I plan to remedy this through proper light control in the meantime, and later, by getting a screen that offers high contrast, and some gain. Such as Da-Lite's 'High Contrast Cinema Vision' material. A 'high-contrast' screen is just grey instead of white. I don't really need the gain, the image is certainly bright enough...but it could always be just a touch brighter. And, a screen with gain reduces the viewing angle (Less light is diffused, as more is bounced straight back towards the source), which will reduce the problem I have with light-bounce. (The image is so bright at night that it literally lights up the whole room, and with the image as big as it is, the light bouncing off the walls to either side is enough to actually affect the ambient light levels and again, screw with the contrast)
  • On 'economy' mode, you get another 1000 hours of bulb life... The nice thing is, you can hardly tell the difference between modes. Infact, unless you watch it change, you won't know the difference at all.
  • My 'TV' remote has a laser pointer. teh win!
  • I can hook my projector up to the PC via USB, and control the mouse through the projector remote.

I'll have more to say once I get the component video cables for my PS2 and Xbox. So far I've clocked about 12 hours of lamp-time on the thing, and I've only had for about 22 hours. (And I slept for atleast 8 of those)

The Narutards are coming.

02/09/05 @ 12:29:00 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 1150 words, 608 views  

I was surfing newzbin, checking out the anime section, when I saw a comment on a naruto's rare to have comments in the anime section...and I wanted to see what someone could POSSIBLY have to say about Naruto...

This ep is fake
Comment created by Editor DiU_lAy at 12:49AM -- Thursday January 27 2005 EST

Straight off the site

Edit by DaDogin: Many of you who enjoy browsing the Scarywater trackers on Wednesdays may notice a certain tracker labled "[YHBT] Naruto 120" under Dattebayo's listings. We can assure you that this is a fake, and is mostly likely a previous episode with altered subtitles for amusment. However, you may choose to give it a download on Scarwater's network right here. Until next week when the real 120 becomes availible.

So, I felt it was my duty to poke some fun at the morons.

(no subject)
Comment created by Member Baka-chan at 08:22AM -- Thursday January 27 2005 EST

Like the Narutards care. I've figured out that I could probably kill them all by taking a cardboard box, some construction paper, and some DVD cases, and making a fake Naruto box set....then suspending it over a cliff with jagged nasty rocks below... The tragedy of the 'great narutard migration' will be talked about for centuries... Then all I have to do is find something that'll kill all the dragonball fans...and the anime community will be safe for those with IQs in the triple digits, once again.

And as is common with unstable fuckwit mobs, my innocent joking turned into a jihad of sorts.

Naruto 120
Comment created by Member PaciFisT at 11:23AM -- Thursday January 27 2005 EST

Damn, the haters. You suck. You suck even more because you check the posts on an anime that you hate.. and damn dude that is loserish. I wouldnt waist my time on "to heart" posts.. or "inuyasha".. or "boys be". I would bet you'll even read this post! Which means that makes you twice the loser=) ha.. you are the suckage=) Cogito ergo you suck.

First of all, the problem is, there's really nothing I can do TO this post to make him a joke. He already did a pretty good job making a fool of himself. And... He thinks, therefor I suck? If he DID have a thought, I'm sure all life in this universe would disappear in a nanosecond flash of light, and a sound not unlike the slaughtering of pigs.

RE: (no subject)
Comment created by Member Spree at 02:33PM -- Thursday January 27 2005 EST

so much anger. did your parents not hug you enough when you were a kid? if you had such a high IQ, why don't you devote yourself to making a better anime or something to amuse yourself? oh and by the way, putting two zeroes in front of your IQ doesn't make it triple digits.

> Like the Narutards care. I've figured out that I could probably kill them all by taking a cardboard box, some construction paper, and some DVD cases, and making a fake Naruto box set....then suspending it over a cliff with jagged nasty rocks below... The tragedy of the 'great narutard migration' will be talked about for centuries... Then all I have to do is find something that'll kill all the dragonball fans...and the anime community will be safe for those with IQs in the triple digits, once again.

I would just like to point out that I love it when they reply directly to me, as it means everyone has to read what I said again. *joy*

To whom it may concern...
Comment created by Member Baka-chan at 12:48AM -- Friday February 04 2005 EST

I would reply to each and every one of you individually, but judging from your (in)ability to articulate in 'teh english', it would be an obvious waste (That's right, son. 'Waste' not 'waist'.) of my considerably valuable time. Suffice it to say, I make more money than all of you put together. Doing what, you ask? Well, I guess you could say 'making better anime'. And when I'm not doing that, I'm expressing my opinions on the latest anime and video games out of Japan. (An opinion well respected by people-not-stupid...I know this, because I don't think people would _pay_ to hear my rantings otherwise.)

I hold Naruto to be about a hair above Dragonball Z in just about every aspect, including the average intelligence of its viewers. Kill yourselves, you're better off coming back as...I don't know...lobsters or something.

Well. That was fun, wasn't it? I guess if any of you want to test your mettle in a battle of wits against me, you can head on over to my IRC channel and, more than likely, spew a couple dozen pages of 'u suck bakachun!' or something along those lines. God knows I could use the entertainment.

Oh, what do you looks like I DID reply to each and every one of them... I however, could not have possibly been prepared for the idiocy to follow.

Re: To whom it may concern...
Comment created by Member Spree at 01:02PM -- Friday February 04 2005 EST

Next time, proofread your comments. For goodness sake, you even spelled your name wrong.

(Copied text of my comment)

Ho-ly shit... I can only hope this is a joke... If not, I may have found the anti-smart, at long last...

(no subject)
Comment created by Member Baka-chan at 01:18PM -- Saturday February 05 2005 EST

Are you really so fucking stupid? I was emulating the inability you fuckwits have of getting my name right, or spelling 'you' with all three letters. I guess you've never seen quotes before, huh?

Now, really... This should've been the end. But noooo... The narutards need to have the last word.

Re: (no subject)
Comment created by Member Spree at 03:10PM -- Sunday February 06 2005 EST

You have been very entertaining. Your command of english profanity is probably second only to people with Tourette Syndrome. You are a very creative person. Some of the words you used aren't even in the dictionary.

I hope you devote your creative prowess towards something more useful rather than insulting people who aren't smart as you claim yourself to be.

> Are you really so fucking stupid? I was emulating the inability you fuckwits have of getting my name right, or spelling 'you' with all three letters. I guess you've never seen quotes before, huh?

One word: Ahou.

(no subject)
Comment created by Member Baka-chan at 10:21AM -- Tuesday February 08 2005 EST

What can I say? I'm a pioneer in the field. Hopefully, one day my skills will be rendered obsolete by the invention of a method for killing stupid people over the internet. Perhaps we can get that folded into ipv7 or ipv8...

And fyi, the sheer width and breadth of what I do with my creativity cannot be quantified through any language of man or machine.

'Teh winnar.'

T-minus 2 and counting.

02/08/05 @ 01:54:36 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 152 words, 562 views  

No, I didn't move up the timetable... We're still T-minus 7 days on the other thing.... But we're 2 days out from the single greatest accomplishment the human race could have ever imagined. That's right, it's the Giant Wall-Screen of Doom. A BenQ PB8220 DLP projector will be delivered to my home by UPS sometime thursday.

Now, for those of you going 'you bought a what??', suffice it to say: A very nice 10-foot HDTV capable of 1080i and 720i/p, unlike many 'conventional' televisions costing 3 times as much. I say '10-foot', because the best I'm going to get in here, given the geometry of my livingroom, is a screen with a 120" diagonal image. (I could go a little bigger...but this is optimal.) The hardware itself is capable of projecting an image as large as 300". (After that, I believe, the image is too dim to view because of the diffusion of the light)

T-minus 10 and counting.

02/05/05 @ 10:37:16 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 181 words, 545 views  

I've been working with the new CMS I plan to use as the basis for the site, for the past couple of days. But yesterday, I set up my new hosting with, and am in the process of testing the new site over there. I hope to make the deadline of the 15th, if not, I'll put it up unfinished but stable, with content, and continue work on the framework on a test server.

My goal for the first giveaway is 12 subscribers.

I have finalized the basics of the giveaway: The grand prize winner gets to choose 1 (one) game, or anime dvd, or movie of their choice from all the things I've reviewed. Import or domestic. (Special/limited editions and stuff excluded, unless they're under $60), I haven't figured out what second and third prize will be, obviously not a game, maybe something related to GPMoD or my manga...or maybe a small amazon gift certificate or something.

As the number of subscribers grows, the giveaway will grow accordingly in scale and value.

There's a placeholder up at

T-minus 13 and counting.

02/02/05 @ 10:31:09 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 243 words, 614 views  

Okay kids. Preperations are beginning for the site to go live. The current thinking is February 15th-ish. 'cause all my domains renew on the 10th, and that gives me 5 days to get all the bugs worked out of the site. I'll tell you right now, the first year the site is up, is probably going to be a little rough until I get the hang of things. So, to make up for it, I would like to plan a giveaway.

Once we hit a certain number of subscriptions (n * subscription cost - operating fees = enough to buy something to give away :))) I'm thinking, the prize will be the winner's choice of any game reviewed. (With the exception of special editions and Steel Battalion...NORMALLY priced games, kthx)

So, LLTA, it's in your vested interest to spread the word about the mag. ;)

If that works, I might start doing it once a year. If I start making enough money, I'll do it more often. $25 a year, and you get my insights on games/anime/movies/whatever (not to mention some of the best gameplay vids available on the net), my teachings on computer animation and other stuff, AND a chance to win a $60 game! How can you possibly not go for this?

I'm also investigating the possibility of letting the winner choose anime DVD(s) instead. Which I'll probably do, it's just import games are harder to get, so I thought that'd be more appealing.


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