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Upcoming Review: Another Century's Episode

01/29/05 @ 08:44:08 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 169 words, 878 views  

I never thought this'd happen.... Sure, there's dozens of Bandai/Sunrise multiverse STRATEGY games. Like the Super Robot Taisen series... But this is the first time, to my knowledge, there's been a Banpresto multiverse action game. Well, here it is. Released on my birthday, the excellent Another Century's Episode (A.C.E. for short) contains mecha from the following series: Shin Kidou Senki Gundam W, Seisenshi Dunbine, Kidou Senkan Nadesico: Prince of Darkness, Kikou Senki Dragonar, Brain Powered, Kidou Senshi Z Gundam, Aoki Ryusei SPT Layzner, Heavy Metal L-Gaim, Kidou Senshi Gundam: Gyakushuu no Shaa. Woohoo! I'll post an impression of the game soon. For more than that, you'll have to subscribe to the upcoming online mag :P

Official site here.

First off, I forgot to mention that the game is made by From Software. The people behind Armored Core.

Secondly... OMFG This game is GREAT! It's more like Fed vs Zeon/AEUG vs Titans, than Encounters in Space/Endless Tomorrow. The graphics and sound are great too.

...was found dead in his home, the apparent victim of a ninja attack....

01/27/05 @ 09:58:45 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 73 words, 650 views  

Holy fuck. I just checked my usenet transfer statistics and according to my provider, Giganews, I have transferred 1,059,308,507,342 bytes in the past four and a half months. (Yes kids, I didn't slip a digit. That's 1.059tb)

They are so sending ninjas to kill my ass...

But man...that's just on this piece of shit 2mbit DSL...imagine if I got Verizon FIOS and could DL like 15mbits ¬_¬

I'd better practice with my katana...

It's that time again!

01/27/05 @ 12:00:00 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 16 words, 551 views  

Well kids, this sonofabitch is now one year closer to an untimely and tragic demise. Cheers!

Baka-chan on: Starship Operators

01/23/05 @ 10:09:21 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 395 words, 1036 views  

Obviously, I grabbed the first episode because of the name... it's a great show, with an original idea. (I am now watching each episode as it airs.)

Now, this is sort of spoiler-ish... But it's hard to describe the show without describing the first episode a little.

A handful of Defense Academy cadets are on a training mission; the shakedown cruise of the escort ship Amaterasu. (Incase you're wondering, it's named for the Sun Goddess, Amaterasuoomikami) The ship returns home, to the planet Kibi...they find out that the Kingdom of Henrietta has declared war on Kibi, and the government promptly surrendered. Not before the escort ship Maizuru was destroyed, however. The Amaterasu is to stand down, and remain in orbit to be disarmed, so it can be handed over to the enemy.

As the actual crew of the Amaterasu begin evacuating the ship...the cadets, frustrated with their government's quick surrender, and wanting to avenge the Maizuru, plot to take over the ship and fight the Kingdom's forces. They have no illusions as to the practicality or chance of success of this plan. (Unlike the case in most anime.)

I really appreciate the realistic approach to space combat. It doesn't take much to destroy a ship, and so far I haven't seen any unrealistic weapons. Railguns, plasma, lasers... And the combat itself is very well handled. Since it doesn't take much to destroy a ship, most of the suspense is in firing ranges, predicting enemy movements, and other tactical concerns. it's sort of like a submarine movie, in that respect. I liked the combat in the Kin of The Stars Saga (Seikai no Monshou, Seikai no Senki, Seikai no Senki II), this is far less frenetic than that. It's like a game of chess, it's all about tactics. Sometimes, the battle is over the instant the first shot is fired.

The art is very high quality, and the character designs sort of remind me of Noir; a balance between realism and anime-stylized.

The music is awesome. The score is very well-applied, and the op/ed are very good to listen to.

Starship Operators is one of my picks for the season. Give it a watch. (Raws and subs available via bittorrent from It is as-of-yet unlicensed. However, it's a Geneon Entertainment show, so don't bet on it remaining that way for long.

National Weather Service forecast: Bitterly Cold

01/21/05 @ 01:26:53 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 165 words, 559 views  

I commented on the absurdity of the weather a couple of days ago... Today's high is -3 degrees... I look on the National Weather Service forecast page...and they actually describe shit as being 'BITTERLY COLD'... Fucking hell... There is no civilization here. This month's 'heat wave' is likely to be in the next couple of days, when we should expect to see the high TWENTIES.

Seriously though, I'd rather it be cold, than hot... Cold is easier to deal with, though my fragile computer geek body has a tough time with either extreme... (Not to mention the outdoors, nature, and sunlight in general...)

When we build space colonies...sign me up. Climate controlled utopia! And of course, we can then develop bipedal war machines and come kick the asses of you dirt-dwellers. SIEG ZEON!

I would just like to add that the temperature I FAHRENHEIT. Yes, three below zero...and guess what? It's SUNNY OUT. Perfect cloudless sky. Really. Just fucking kill me.

In other news...

01/21/05 @ 01:08:41 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 254 words, 536 views  

Oh, and btw...for those of you who question the relevance of my reviewing Japanese games more often than not...

Atlus U.S.A., Inc. begins U.S. production on Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity for release exclusively on the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system in the summer of 2005.

A stunning fantasy RPG that will thoroughly test your tactical prowess!

Irvine, CA (December 17, 2004) - The sensational strategy role-playing game from Japan, Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity, is coming to North America for the PlayStation 2, courtesy of Atlus U.S.A., Inc., the publisher of 2003’s runaway hit Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

“Stella Deus combines a compelling narrative with stunning hi-res graphics,” said Akibo Shieh, Project Leader at Atlus. “The sub-genre of strategy RPGs has really come into its own in the past year and we are pleased to bring fans another high quality title that fans of the genre won’t want to miss.”

To celebrate the announcement of Stella Deus, Atlus is giving users the chance to vote for the box art that will be used for Stella Deus' final packaging when the game ships in May. For details on how to vote, visit the official Atlus website at</blockquote>

As for the vote, I'm one of those who believe they should stick with the Japanese boxart, or at the very least, the Japanese logotype. The point is: Most of the games I review are probably going to come out in the US, and the should probably play anyway. ;)

Quality control.

01/21/05 @ 10:43:58 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 185 words, 563 views  

Okay kids, I've been talking the last couple of days about videos and quality and blah blah blah. Now that I have my new capture card and an optical cable...I have something to show for it.

I made a quick test capture of some footage from Atlus' totally awesome Stella Deus. Just over 30 seconds of video. Encoded in XviD, with Ogg Vorbis Audio. (So make sure you're all codec'd up.) It weighs in at 5.98mb and is ready for your viewing pleasure.

Now, the folks at IGN do a good job, as well they should considering what people pay them. But I'd like to think a well encoded (Which mine are as of yet, not...I'm a total encoding nub.) XviD video beats the hell out of their Quicktime encoded vids. I paid for access to IGN once... You think the 320x240 freebie vids are bad? The paying customer's 640x480 vids are only better in that at that size, the horrific compression noise doesn't completely obscure the video. And the audio? Wow. Anyway, tell me what you think of the quality of this vid.

Checking in.

01/17/05 @ 01:58:33 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 258 words, 754 views  

Okay, site's back up. Sorry 'bout that folks. My provider, were moving their serverfarm. It's all good now. XX(

I have a new swapdisc set coming in from the fine folks at, I should note that I placed the order at 6am this morning, and they were ready to ship it out by noon (Waiting on FedEx to show up). Now THAT'S service! I've been unimpressed with the video capture quality I've been getting with my current equipment, so I headed over to Newegg and ordered a nice little video capture card I could put in THIS machine, for a mere $29.99. It's got a good chipset on it, and the specs are solid. We'll see how that works out. In the meantime, I'm starting my reviews of Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Rebirth, and Yoshitsune Eiyuden. I only wish I could have gotten my hands on Tales of Destiny 2. The 'Tales' series looks really good. I wish I'd heard of it before. Oh yeah, and before I forget... There's a beta of the US Xenosaga II floating about, from what I hear. Now, I normally don't play what you kids call 'backups' (You say tomato, I say fucking piracy), but as it's a beta, and not a retail product...I don't see the harm. I'll see what I can tell you about it.

Speaking of which, the schedule for the new site launch is still sometime in February. So get your credit cards and paypal accounts ready.

(And thus ends my whorish linking escapade...)

Let's talk about the weather.

01/14/05 @ 09:42:26 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 228 words, 590 views  

Good morning Middlebury! The national weather service is reporting that today will see a high of a balmy 55 degrees. At this time I would like to direct you to the nearest window...where you'll see snow, lots of it, nearing light blizzard conditions. Incontrovertible proof that they have no fucking idea what they're talking about. Enjoy your commute! :crazy:

So uhm, yeah. Anyway kids, just thought you might want to know, my birthday is coming up (January 27th). Instead of getting me something (Yeah right. :roll:), consider getting yourself something from me. Voice your interest in a subscription to the new GPMoD magazine/news site, which will be launched in early February. (To coincide with the renewal of all my domains)

In the meantime I'm writing reviews, capping screens and vids, and enjoying all of all the latest games from Japan. Something I'm about to check out is the latest offering from From Software, makers of the acclaimed Armored Core series (Among others), Yoshitsune Eiyuden.

I can't wait to review it. And by the way, in case any of you are wondering about the kind of videos that will accompany the reviews... I like to cap the opening cinematics, some non-action gameplay, some action gameplay, some system stuff (to show off any features the game has), and any promotional materials. I'll even respond to reasonable requests, if possible.


01/01/05 @ 11:02:48 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 367 words, 543 views  

Incase any of you were wondering wtf that was with me singing in channel at 11am this morning... As I explained to some of my realworld friends in another channel, I'm suffering a mild nervous breakdown. So, grab some popcorn and pull up a chair.

And now, for one night only! Baka-chan performs Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari by Do As Infinity!

[01.01/11.08.43] (@Baka-chan) o/~ aa nande, kon nande o/~
[01.01/11.08.48] (@Baka-chan) o/~ namida dechaun daro? o/~

[01.01/11.08.51] (@Baka-chan) o/~ mou chotto mou chotto o/~
[01.01/11.08.55] (@Baka-chan) o/~ umaku ieta nara na... o/~

[01.01/11.09.01] (@Baka-chan) o/~ nee! ....doushitara.... ii no? o/~

[01.01/11.09.21] (@Baka-chan) o/~ taiyou ga warau o/~
[01.01/11.09.31] (@Baka-chan) o/~ dame dame na bokura o/~

[01.01/11.09.53] (@Baka-chan) o/~ "subarashiki natsu ga nigete kuse" o/~

[01.01/11.10.24] (@Baka-chan) o/~ Don't mind sono namida wo fuite o/~
[01.01/11.10.39] (@Baka-chan) o/~ Stand up for your life! o/~

[01.01/11.11.00] (@Baka-chan) o/~ anata no kawari nante inai 'n da o/~

[01.01/11.11.26] (@Baka-chan) o/~ yaritakute...dekinakute o/~
[01.01/11.11.53] (@Baka-chan) o/~ nanka tsumannai 'n da o/~

[01.01/11.12.14] (@Baka-chan) o/~ tsuyogatte...ikigatte o/~
[01.01/11.12.29] (@Baka-chan) o/~ nan mo shitakunai 'n da o/~

[01.01/11.12.38] (@Baka-chan) o/~ nee! ....doushitara.... ii no? o/~

[01.01/11.13.04] (@Baka-chan) o/~ hito no sae no shitari gyaku gire shitari o/~
[01.01/11.13.21] (@Baka-chan) o/~ dame dame na bokura kiete yuke! o/~

[01.01/11.13.54] (@Baka-chan) o/~ Hey guys sono PURAIDO wo sutete o/~
[01.01/11.14.13] (@Baka-chan) o/~ Go to your next stage o/~

[01.01/11.14.30] (@Baka-chan) o/~ jibun wo mori koete o/~
[01.01/11.14.39] (@Baka-chan) o/~ Change the world! o/~

[01.01/11.14.58] (@Baka-chan) o/~ taiyou ga warau o/~

[01.01/11.15.01] (@Baka-chan) o/~ dame dame na bokura o/~
[01.01/11.15.18] (@Baka-chan) o/~ "subarashiki toki ga nigete kuse" o/~

[01.01/11.15.46] (@Baka-chan) o/~ Don't mind sono namida wo fuite o/~

[01.01/11.15.53] (@Baka-chan) o/~ Stand up for your life! o/~
[01.01/11.16.03] (@Baka-chan) o/~ anata no kawari nante inai 'n da o/~

[01.01/11.16.20] (@Baka-chan) o/~ ima, Change the world! o/~
[01.01/11.16.34] (@Baka-chan) o/~ Do the best of you! o/~

[01.01/11.17.06] (@Baka-chan) o/~ kimi datte, boku datte, kizuite inai dake o/~

[01.01/11.17.44] (@Baka-chan) o/~ ame datte, dame datte, honjitsu wa seiten nari o/~
[01.01/11.17.48] (@Baka-chan) o/~ kimi datte, boku datte, kizuite inai dake o/~

[01.01/11.17.51] (@Baka-chan) o/~ ame datte, dame datte, honjitsu wa seiten nari o/~

Props to DAI for writing a song whose lyrics my heart instantly understood, even if the language center of my brain needed a little help. (Props also to 'Devotion and her man-eating tree', for the romaji lyrics)

Happy Holidays, everyone.

01/01/05 @ 12:00:00 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 56 words, 643 views  

Just want to wish everyone (belated) happy holidays, and a (on-time) happy new year. But especially a certain someone out there who knows I'm thinking of them. (No, LLTA. I am not talking about you.)

[emo]Meanwhile, I'll be stabbing myself in the chest with a chopstick...over and over again until the pain stops.[/emo]


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