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EVE-Online rises again.

12/23/04 @ 04:25:12 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 376 words, 582 views  

Well, I've been on a bit of a space kick lately...I tried less powerful substances... Space Rogue on the Mac... Freelancer...even modded to a point where it no longer sucks... Watching marathons of Cowboy Bebop and Firefly... Nothing could sate me... I had to... I had to go back to EVE-Online...

I didn't want to... I mean, what? Start over again? But GUESS WHAT?! My account, which I had for a MONTH (April 22nd, to May 22nd) STILL EXISTED! What? That's madness! An MMO that doesn't delete your characters when you stop paying?! That's preposterous! That's like not having to kill stuff to advance your charac-- Oh... I forgot... EVE does that.

That's right kids, you heard me.

1. If you stop paying... Your account is not forfeit... All your hard work will still exist! If you ask me, that alone makes other MMOs feel extortionate...

2. As I'm sure you've heard me say before, back when I was in the beta... Character advancement is not based on levels or anything... You can do whatever the hell you want, all the time. Character advancement is about skills...and skills can be trained at any time. You just go to your character sheet, select the skill you want to train, and there you go. It takes a certain amount of time, and you can do whatever you want while it's training. (Character advancement also has to do with money, I suppose... But chances are, 'whatever the hell you want' involves making money.)

So anyway, when I logged in, I found that I had half a million ISK in my cred accounts, and another half a mill in ore and various commodities sitting in my hangar (Some of which mysteriously appeared in my possession since I last logged in...such as a shard of complex fullerene...which netted me a tidy 200k on the market)

Soon enough, I had enough cash to buy myself a new ship. (And thankfully, outfit it, and insure it.) What did I get? I spent 1,185,000 ISK on a Caldari-made Cormorant Class Destroyer.

Here's some pics of it:
My Destroyer, the 'Tengoku to Jigoku'..or 'Heaven & Hell'.

Helping some pirate scum across the Sanzu river.

Dealing a crippling blow to a pirate installation.

....I am the right hand of vengeance.

12/14/04 @ 08:12:41 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 72 words, 559 views  

Been playing a little HL2 lately, 'cause I'm working on map editing and stuff. And I made some custom spray logos for GPMoD. So, if you're on a public server, and you happen across a scene resembling any of the following...

A warning...

Cleaned (2)
That had to hurt

And you thought Hong Kong SpeedPost was rough with boxes...
I've been rather busy.

...know that the lifeguard of the genepool is on-duty.

Share the love

12/02/04 @ 09:15:18 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 42 words, 609 views  

In light of my recent difficulties with the magazine, I've decided to share the love and let you all in on this little deal.

Half-Life 2 Collector's Edition $49.99 SHIPPED, from Amazon


Sorry, deal's dead. Went up to $59.99....then finally back up to $74.95


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