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11/24/04 @ 10:52:21 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 500 words, 552 views  

Okay kids, Gankutsuou fucking owns. Go see it. The only reasons you actually need are that I say it owns, and that it's a new internal project of Gonzo Digimation. (Other internal projects include Blue Sub #6, Yukikaze, and Last Exile)

But for those who still need something to pique their interest... Here's the first credit you see in the op:

原作 Alexandre Dumas


I'm not creative enough to make that shit up...what we have here is an anime based on 'The Count of Monte Cristo'.

There are two very excellent promos out there, I believe what little text there is in them has been translated (Tolerably so) by A-Kraze. The two promos run for a total of 5 minutes. Whoever subs it, you'll likely find it as Gankutsuou ep 00.

Now, to give you the jist of the two promos.

Maeda Mahiro's (Blue Submarine No. 6) (The Animatrix) Newest Work

Based on Alexandre Dumas' Comte de Monte-Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo)

Character Design by Matsubara Hidenori (Ah! My Goddess) (Sakura Wars)

Music by Jean-Jacques Burnel (The Stranglers)

Animation Produced by Gonzo Digimation (SAMURAI7) (LAST EXILE) (Sentou Yousei Yukikaze)

[I'm of the opinion that this credit should, by law, have 'Because no one else could.' tagged on the end...but I'll live to fight another day.]

Have you...
ever betrayed someone?

Is there a love you would do anything to obtain, even if you had to steal it?

Have you ever hated a friend to the point where you could kill them?

Is there a 'truth' that you can tell no one about?

Do you...

know the 'true identity' of those closest to you?

We shall teach you...

After the sacrificial feast...

[On the stage of the surreal, futuristic city of Paris, a punk opera of revenge unfolds.]

The art is rich and surreal, owing to the use of textures mapped onto surfaces, and used as dynamic fills on characters. (Which can move, or not, depending on the desired effect)

The music is incredible.

The whole damn thing is godawesome. it's a definite watch this season... And I'll probably snatch it up the second the DVDs come out. It's that good.

The story is told from the point of view of Albert Morcef, as the Count of Monte Cristo finally puts into motion, his plot of revenge against Albert's father, his best friend, who framed him for a crime and stole his fiancee.

Something else worth noting, the ed, and the promos, show what I can only describe as the most incredibly detailed and realistic CG giant robots I've ever seen in anime. Shiny and silver, but worn and old... Like antique suits of armor. And the battle depicted in the promo takes place in SPACE... The reflections off the armor are amazing.

I IMPLOREGonzo to acquire the rights to make an anime based on William Gibson's Neuromancer. As it is now obvious they possess the ability to create the surreal cyberpunk visuals required. (as if I had any doubt)


11/17/04 @ 09:15:43 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 329 words, 549 views  




Yeah, sure. You've all played the techdemo, we know... How can I put this? The tech demo didn't even begin to show off the ENGINE, let alone give you an idea of what the scripted in-game experience is like... What's it like? ohmyfuckinggoddesu.

If I have one complaint so far, it's that there's too goddamn many physics-engine puzzles. They're great, they're fucking awesome...but there's too many of them. And the main problem with that is, until you get used to thinking in a gameworld that has real physics and everything, you'll run around looking for standard computer game ways out of stuff, when what you should be doing is looking for objects to pile up, or push onto the platform, or whatever.

I love it when you light up a barrel that touches off a chain reaction along one whole catwalk, and all you see are bodies cartwheeling through the air. ;)


It's all about the little things...and the little things range from small, such as the tritium nightsights on most of your weapons being properly portrayed, to large, such as picking up a paintcan with the zero-point gun, and pimpslapping someone with it, covering them in paint. (It also leaves nice big splotches on the walls)

The whole fucking engine is gorgeous. But half of that is to the credit of Valve's artists, who create the texture maps and their accompanying bump and normal maps, without which, the game wouldn't look nearly as real.

Such as the subtle angular surface differences on a wall covered in tiles... Each one is more or less specular, and they don't all reflect light at the same angle. The surface effects are incredible... And, I swear to God, call me insane if you want, but when you get out of the water, there's a 'wet' map applied to your weapon/model.

Some screenshots:



Semi-under control.

11/08/04 @ 04:53:43 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 86 words, 489 views  

Okay, I used the power amplification properties of my State Alchemist's watch to help me transmute an old FHS for an intel CPU into a northbridge FHS for my mobo. (Lashed down to the mobo with some twist-ties, I might add. My skills are not to be mocked!) It's now running better than it has in weeks, but I still had to reinstall the OS again. I should be back to where I was by mid-week, and up a stable OS, at that. Wish me luck!

Well, shit on me,

11/07/04 @ 07:56:42 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 63 words, 551 views  

The last day or two my computer had been freezing and BSODing every chance it got, I tore the whole thing apart, cleaned it, put in a new PSU, and guess what? I found the problem. My mobo's chipset fan has stopped working. Now I'm tasked with finding a screwdriver I can actually get the fan off with so I can clean it.

de-b0rk cycle complete....or is it?

11/01/04 @ 10:08:21 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 194 words, 518 views  

Looking like it'll be another day or two before things are back to operational. A few more ideas for the November issues; for starters. I /need/ to review Casshern. And I was thinking of reviewing GTA:SA, but I don't think I will... For one, there's too many Japanese titles I want to review, second, it turns out I don't like GTA as much as I thought.... (It's a completely different experience on the PS2).

Corrections: Unless someone buys me a PS2 BBA, or subscribes to the mag so I can afford to buy one, I probably can't review La Pucelle: Round 2. As it's a CD-based game, and I can't get the damn thing to play CD games... (So I'd need to do one of those HD-loader tricks)

Stella Deus still owns me.

To show my appreciation for LLTA's patience (He is afterall, the only one of you who's actually subscribed....STILL!), I scanned a crappy little sketch I did a couple days ago when I got a new drawing pencil... It's total crap, and we all know I can't draw, but here it is. Hell, it's more of a doodle than a sketch...


nani sore?
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