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De-b0rking in progress.

10/30/04 @ 02:15:58 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 93 words, 619 views  

Well, I'm in the progress of 'un-fucking my shit'. HD is in, windows is installed. (YOU try installing windows on a SATA HD without a floppy drive!) I'm starting to get back on track. Might be more like Monday or something before I'm 100% back though. So, happy halloween, kids...AND STAY THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN! AND YOU! IN THE NARUTO COSTUME! FUCKING DIE!!

Oh yeah, and I played some more Stella Deus during my install...omfg... This game is awesome. It'll be reviewed in the first November issue.

God I hate reinstalls....

See what I mean?

10/28/04 @ 02:35:26 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 406 words, 594 views  

Well, the main HD on my workstation is b0rked. I have a new one arriving tomorrow. The magazine and all it's content is fine...I just have no real way of getting to it until I reinstall an OS on the machine. In the meantime, I'm working my ass off on the November issues. They'll be a little light on anime reviews unless the good folks of my channel can suggest a few titles. So far for new anime reviews I have: Beck, Gankutsuou, Bleach, and several micro reviews of things I don't deem worth any of our time, yours or mine. Plus, the mid-November issues should have a couple expanded reviews, assuming the heavens grant me free time to watch any of the series I have on my HD further...

Now, for PS2... I haven't reviewed, or even played, Phantom Brave... There's not really much point in me showing you something you can go play right NOW, just by going to blockbuster or gamefly or whatnot. I wanna make you drool. To this end, I shall be reviewing 'La Pucelle: Round 2', and 'Stella Deus'...another Atlus game in the style of the La Pucelle/Disgaea games... From what I hear it has some incredible graphics. I may also review 'Ace Combat 5: Unsung War', and 'Tales of Destiny II'. These are all Japanese titles.

For Gameboy Advance, I'll be reviewing Final Fantasy I+II. Depending on when the US version comes out, it may or may not be the Japanese game. I'll tell you right now though, it's awesome. It looks as good as FF:O on the PS1 (Without the cinematics, obviously), but it has some added FINALLY....random name generators for FFI. I remember the first time I played that... (I actually rented it until I beat it) The hardest part was coming up with names for the characters... iirc, I used the character names that me and my father used for 'Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord', back in the original Macintosh days...

Anyway, I'll be back this weekend, LLTA, keep your shorts on. You'll have the October issue, even if I have to hand it to you with the first November issue. Chill in the chan in the meantime. I swear to God, if I get back online, and show up in the chan, the October issue in hand, and you AREN'T THERE...your life is forfeit.


10/11/04 @ 03:18:34 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 173 words, 916 views  

Well kids, while I wasn't paying attention, it looks like the good folks at my webhost fixed the problem I was having setting up my new domain, my fault I'm sure. Anyway, the site will now be reachable via

This is just a temporary domain parking, until I get another account with them to host the GPMoD site seperately from Tangible Imagination's sites. ^_^ When that happens, the REAL fun will start. Stay tuned, minna-san!

Oh yeah, and for my ONE SUBSCRIBER, if he isn't dead or something: I'm about to export the magazine. I haven't worked out a distribution method, so I figured, while I still have (far) less than 10 subscribers, I'll just hand-encrypt each person's issue with their password and whatnot, and hand-deliver it to them via IRC, IM, or whatever. Until I set up a more automagical-like distribution method.

btw, incase anyone is interested, I'm actually doing far more work on Kasei no Suna right now than I am any of my cyberpunk stuff, I'm on a space kick.

Welcome to the suck.

10/11/04 @ 02:22:48 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 303 words, 606 views  

Well kids, I'm sorry to say it, but Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED: Destiny is total and utter ASS. The mobile suit designs are even uglier than the shit in SEED, the story makes even less sense, and they're going all out with Uchuu Senki references and in-jokes. IF YOU WANT TO REFERENCE UC GUNDAM SERIES SO MUCH, MAKE A NEW UC SERIES YOU PONCEY BASTARDS.

Wtf is Asuran supposed to be? (Yes, I know the official name is Athrun, piss off.) How many Char ripoffs do we NEED in a series? Next thing you know, he's going to deny that he IS Asuran Zala... And those who doubt the Quattro reference....WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THOSE SHADES? They're straight out of the 80s. Does he need to spraypaint Justice gold before you believe me?

I never really liked SEED. To me, it was a more watchable, less homosexual, version of Gundam Wing, and it re-hashed 0079 storylines too much at the beginning. Sure it had its moments....but a 50 episode series that merely has 'its moments' does not a good anime make.

SEED is just a scam to sell model kits. But it's not all bad, 'Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED: Oranai Ashita e' ('Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Endless Tomorrow', for those who don't wakaru the nihongo.) is a damn good game. And I'll be reviewing it for one of next month's issues. Not sure which, I already have plenty of PS2 game reviews in the pipe, with all three FMA games, and a couple US titles...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it, 'Oranai Ashita e' is basically 'Maguriai Sora' for the SEED universe. It lets you play through situations from the anime, and even stuff that isn't. Like the first encounter between Mwu and Le Krueze. (Note: Mwu's Moebius Zero is badass)

New and improved!

10/08/04 @ 12:28:48 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 213 words, 683 views  

Users should now (Or atleast within the next 48 hours) be able to access the site via

Also, because someone who shall remain nameless went to such effort for the sake of giving me an assload (Pun intended) of extra traffic, I feel it's only fair to say this: As much as I appreciate the extra traffic, I don't think people looking for gay porn would find anything of interest here, thus all referers you so painstakingly added me to have been blacklisted, banned locally, and reported to antispam blacklists across the net. If you wish to do such a service to your (read: the gay) community, I suggest instead linking to Shinsen-Subs or Band of Hawks

Oh yeah, and thanks for boosting my position on Google by having a bunch of sites link to me. Tool.

On second thought, fuck 'shall remain nameless''s egg0. Good ol' egg0 waffl0r. Apparently I never abused him enough when I hung out in AX, so he wants me to make up for all that abuse he could have been getting, in spades. Son, you're gonna run out of gayporn link sites to add my site to, sooner or later you're just going to have to try DDoSing me like all the other children.

I can feel the colors.....

10/05/04 @ 01:55:07 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 29 words, 555 views  

Okay, there's just one thing I would like to say about Katamari Damacy... Chances are, you DO NOT have enough drugs to play this game properly.

That is all.

In the meantime...

10/04/04 @ 02:19:58 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 141 words, 694 views  

I've compiled a list of effects I've seen elsewhere that I'd like to learn how to do in order to apply them to my projects, one of the things on that list was the motion trails from the motorcycle scenes in the beginning of Akira.

The search is over. :P Test Video

Many thanks to Jen over at for her tutorial, I had no godly idea what any of the functions she was describing WERE, so it gave me a chance to play around with some features of Lightwave I haven't played with yet. (Thank God for LW[8]'s searchable HTML help thinger.)

obtw, Inertia is cool.

I can't get over how smooth the trail looks... Almost like vector graphics... And that's just with an Enhanced Low AA. The small glow also adds a little somethin' somethin' to it.

Hurry up and wait.

10/01/04 @ 12:26:36 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 84 words, 635 views  

Okay, the magazine is ready, for the most part. But, with an impending payday looming on the horizon that is this week, I decided to postpone until then, so that I can do something special. (It's a surprise!) I figure this extra couple of days will allow me to recap some of the Gunslinger Girl gameplay stuff that looked rather lackluster.

And my one subscriber hasn't shown up to press the matter (Or ask where his issue is), so I figure there's no harm.


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