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Just a little something

09/27/04 @ 10:06:18 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 73 words, 578 views  

Just a little image I did for the opening of the Baka-sensei section for issue 001-002.

Took me about 10 minutes to make the little easel in lightwave, including a rather cool wingnut you can't even see... You'll find that's a rather common thing in the add some really cool detail to an object that gets a shitton of screentime, and the detail itself is only ever seen for a split second. ;P

Baka-sensei teaches... Lightwave 3d - Modeling 101, Modeler Bootcamp Part 1

Will people ever stop screwing up my shit?

09/16/04 @ 07:29:50 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 305 words, 612 views  

Okay, so there's these gaijin fuckoffs called 'Band of Hawks' they do fansubs and scanlations... They got their hands on a GiTS2: Innocence DVD and said to themselves "I know! Let's SHIT ALL OVER IT!!" and proceeded to produce a fansub of such horrendous quality it would make Killshok and the rest of the AJ crew proud...or jealous.

In one of the early scenes, Togusa introduces himself to the coroner (Or perhaps 'forensic cyberneticist' would be a better term) at the police precinct where the body of the cyborg ended up. And they have it subbed as "My name is Koan Kyokan, I'm part of the investigation." Good fucking job... Dumbasses. (I would also like to note that they think a shotgun shell is a '.50 caliber hollowpoint', despite an ON SCREEN ENGLISH DESCRIPTION)

公安九課 / こうあんきゅうか / kouankyuuka = Public Security Section 9

How the fuck do you sub anime and scanlate manga and not know anything about Koukaku Kidoutai?

Here's some more math for you:

Band of Hawks = Retarded, illiterate, gaijin monkeys.

Oh yeah, and before I forget. They can't fucking time either.

It gets better!

The more I watch this, the more I become convinced that they're MAKING UP THE SUBS AS THEY GO.

For starters, the stuff in the subs is NOTHING like what's being said. Also, any references made to Section Nine (kyuuka), or the Public Security bureau (kouan) mysteriously vanish... As do ALL NAMES REFERENCED IN THE DIALOGUE.

One detective says to the other one that 'he [Batou] is one of section 9's cyborgs' what do the fuckoffs sub it as? 'Stay back. This is no time to try and save face' or some nonsense like that. Jesus fuck...

Aramaki calls out to Togusa as everyone is leaving after a briefing "Togusa." What do they sub it as? "By the way..." They're pulling an AJ.


nani sore?
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