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y i r teh bannd?

07/31/04 @ 04:19:55 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 122 words, 568 views  

The stupidity..... It's damaging my brain. XX(

AX has moved to rizon, now they have services that can help them keep the trouble out... I have NEVER heard more whining in my LIFE. WHAT THE FUCK? How can you violate channel rules, or do something to piss off an op....and then HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO COMPREHENSION OF WHY YOU'RE BANNED??

So, I have a new system for dealing with the problems.

  1. They message me. :roll:

  2. I tell them to kindly go fuck themselves, and wait for the timed ban to expire. :>>

  3. If problem persists, I double the ban timer, and smack them around verbally for awhile. :>

  4. If problem still persists, uncheck 'flashing' for that window, minimize it, and forget about them. :lalala:

07/19/04 @ 01:40:45 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 12 words, 641 views  

Currently working on the Lightwave tutorials for the first issue of GPMoD.

Monokatana v2

07/17/04 @ 08:29:18 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 6 words, 635 views  

Version 2 of the monokatana.




07/17/04 @ 02:33:37 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 312 words, 559 views  

Been doing a little work on some more props for the 'omgIcan'tthinkofaname' project.

Trencher's monokatana.

In cyberpunk, the monokatana is a rather stylish model of monoblade produced by Kendachi.

There's two problems with the standard 2020 models. They don't really look like a katana, and they're rather brittle. (An issue of the orbitally-grown crystal blade)

In late 2020, Kendachi created two new models. The Omega was an improved monokatana that used an enhanced monoblade synthesis technique to achieve a vastly superior blade. In a joint venture between Militech and Kendachi, Militech lent them access to the 'nano-crystaline-alloy' technology used in some of their firearms to achieve high reliability and durability when used with high velocity, high power ammunition.

The Omega was a devestating weapon, and far more reliable than a standard monoblade, but it still lacked a certain amount of style that the typical street samurai demands.

The Monokatana Omega2 is a drastically different weapon, it far more resembles a traditional katana. So far, only 20,000 have been made. Each one, to the specifications of the buyer, for the tip style, blade curve, handgrip style, and balance.

Such a weapon comes at a very steep price. Trencher got his, directly from Kendachi, for 1,000,000 yen. He cherishes it like it's an antique samurai sword, and if he's carrying it, chances are he's marching headlong into something pretty ugly.

(He also owns a matching tantou that he acquired as a prototype. But he gave it to someone months ago.)

Anyway, here's some pics.

Version 0.8
Version 1.0

More changes to be made: Redo the 'mono katana' logo to say 'monokatana', and rebuild the blade at a higher resolution to curve more smoothly. Add hole to corner of the end of the handgrip for a D-ring. Build scabbard. Improve the 'monoblade' surface paramaters.

The Omega series monoblades are totally non-canon, and my own creation.



Children shouldn't be allowed to use the internet.

07/15/04 @ 01:02:12 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 137 words, 588 views  

Well kids. Baka was DDoS'd again. Twice in a month. God, I love being popular. :roll:

Dearest shitfuck, (Also known as Iceking- /

Your ass belongs to me now, I own you. I will devote my life to causing you pain. (Well, make it a hobby, atleast.) Nice DDoS btw, fuckwaste. All you did was delay my sending all of the data my gateway's packet analysis package caught, to your ISP and to the providers/admins of all the systems you used to attack me, by about an hour.... And most of that was because I was watching 2 eps of MSG 0083 (Uchuu Seiki > all) So, was it worth it? I hope it was...because you just lost your internet, kid. :>

- Baka-chan (Also known as 'he who owns your ass wholesale', and 'God al-fucking-mighty')

Auction swag! w00!

07/13/04 @ 04:53:06 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 655 words, 1757 views  

Well, yesterday, I got my auction swag in the mail. What did I get, you ask? Well, this requires a bit of backstory. Something like a decade ago, Wizards of The Coast released a new CCG called 'Netrunner'. It was based on the Cyberpunk 2020 pen & paper RPG, as well as the RPG's inspiration; the work of cyberpunk authors such as William Gibson and Neal Stephenson. Amusingly enough, I discovered Cyberpunk 2020, something that remains a big inspiration in my work to this day, through the Netrunner CCG.

When my family moved to Hightstown, NJ, I started hanging out at a place nearby called 'The Gamer's Realm'. I was into Magic: The Gathering, and Netrunner. And they were supposed to be having a Netrunner demo the following weekend. So, that weekend, I took my cards out to The Gamer's Realm, and.... There was no demo. The person who was to be giving it never showed up. BUT, I found something even better. I decided to see what the only other people there that afternoon were doing... And... They were running a Cyberpunk 2020 session. David Simpson, who would later become my GM, asked me if I was interested in joining them.

So, the next weekend, I was there with my own copy of the core rules book...And an obsession was born. (And I'm not talking about the addiction to Battletech that had me selling my SNES games for a few more miniatures, or another map pack)

So, back to the present. I'm always keeping an eye out for CP2020 sourcebooks I don't have, on ebay. Because, developing a manga/animated series set in that universe, I want all the background I can get. And my usual search for 'cyberpunk' found a bunch of unexpected entries for 'cyberpunk ccg' and 'cyberpunk tcg', and I figured they were just trying to draw attention to Netrunner... I clicked anyway. It was something I'd never seen before, and never expected; an actual Cyberpunk 2020 CCG.

Apparently they'd just made the rounds at all the gaming cons, like GenCon and whatnot, and they were giving out promo packs, and of course...people were selling them. All the promo packs I found on ebay consist of 2 starter decks, 3 booster packs, and a promo Arasaka sponser card.

I found one that had a Militech starter deck, a Gangs starter deck, three boosters, and TWO Arasaka promo cards.

Needing to see this game, I jumped on it.

Cost: $5.50 + $4.50 S/H

Not bad, considering the fact that it's $37 worth of stuff (The promo cards seem to go for $2.50 each)

Arasaka sponser card:

I got a red-back, and a blue-back one. :3

Now, the game...

It's a really neat game. I like how there's several ways to win.

  1. Gain a total of 100 operations points
    Op points are gained for making a successful run on an operation (Yours or an opponent's), one of your opponent's locations, or your opponent's 'Stash'.

  2. Have 100 style points
    Characters (runners), and their equipment/cyberware all have stylepoint ratings. The number of stylepoints you have, is the sum total of all fielded runners and their equipment/cyberware.

  3. Achieve your sponser's special win condition
    This is what makes the game really interesting in my opinion. Depending on the sponser you choose, you get an additional win condition.

    For Militech, you have to end a turn with a successful run on an enemy op/location/stash, and have 120 points of short range firepower in the field.

    For the gangs, (this is the most amusing) you have to build an operational 'Punknaught' and play the 'trashin' the corp zone' event card.

There's some mild holes in the rulebook, but you kinda figure out how it works in your first test game.

I'm currently trying to figure out a way to hold online tourneys, so I can sign up as a Fixer :P

The official page
/si:'ber-puhnk/ - A very well done fan/info site for the CCG

Masamune Shirow, you are my God.

07/09/04 @ 10:39:34 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 105 words, 532 views  

I got Intron Depot 3 today.... omg.... It's..... It's.... *Cries* So beautiful...

Also, how damned good am I? I'm so damned good that my packages travel faster than everyone else's. I paid for ground, and I had it overnight. ;)

Anyway, back to my book. When it arrived, I couldn't figure out why it was in a big box, like that massive order of DVDs I got was in, but upon opening it...I found out... This book is MASSIVE. It's no wonder I couldn't find any scans to see what was in's too big for my damned scanner....because it's bigger THAN my scanner.

Do onto others, and then cut the cards.

07/09/04 @ 02:35:14 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 498 words, 694 views  

Myers' business card, v1

v2 differs slightly in the placement and shape/size of the barcodes on back, and it says 'training division' not 'recruitment division'




What follows is an excerpt from the script of my as-of-yet unnamed project set in the world of Cyberpunk.

(Trencher is the streetname for the lead character)

This takes place after Trencher's meeting with his client's assistant, to whom he explains that he won't be able to work for them for the next couple of days because of the wounds he sustained. the previous night.

Myers pulls out a business card and puts it on the bar.

Militech, huh?

Myers nods. The bartender looks up from what he was doing.


Well then. How do you know my name, and what do you want?

Let's just say... We like to keep track of those who use our products, even if they've never registered them....

Trencher feels uneasy.


Especially those who take up arms against our competitors...

What the hell are you talking about?


You came to my attention immediately, gunning down 5 heavily armed Arasaka security Tokyo, of all places.

Trencher's eyes widen.

That takes....balls. The kind of balls we look for in our employees.

Trencher's left hand begins to shake.


Oh? You didn't know?

You've already been targetted by Arasaka, as a Militech agent. Why not get the pay that goes with it?

Trencher's left hand clenches, shattering the glass he was doing little more than pushing around the bar.

Trencher stands up, his drink dripping from his left hand, teeth bared.


(In Japanese)
Sorry about the glass, Ken. Put it on my tab.


(In Japanese)
No offense, but the debts of a dead man aren't worth anything.



Trencher slams his right hand down on the bar, leaving a 10,000 yen bill, and taking the business card.

Trencher turns away from the bar, fists clenched.

(With his back to the bar, and Myers)

Well, Mr. Myers. If I'm still alive in 20 minutes, I'll consider that job offer of yours.

Okay, a lot of people (lies... Just LongLiveTA) have been bugging me for more, so I atleast wanted to make these clarifications:

Trencher is working as a freelance bodyguard, and the night before, he took down a hit team that was after his client. And the reason he's leaving the bar, is because he needs to hop on his bike, and speed back to his building as fast as possible.

See, he knows that Arasaka has to be monitoring his activities, and will now be waiting at his apartment to take him out... So...why's he going back? Because he's become involved with the girl in the apartment next door, Kumiko Yamazaki... And when he left to meet his employer's contact at this bar....he was coming from HER apartment. So, chances are, she's in danger. And our man Trencher can't let anything happen to her. ;)

Sayonara, You`re_Kidding_Right. Ganbare!

07/08/04 @ 10:26:56 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 82 words, 511 views  
Okay kids, your friend and mine, You`re_Kidding_Right, is leaving for Fort Lewis, in Washington state, tomorrow. Everyone wish him luck. He's going to keep in touch with me, so I can update you all on how our taxpayer dollars (for those of us in the *cough* FIRST world), are turning him into an invincible killing machine!

Sayonara, YKR. Ganbare yo!

btw, there is a party going on right now in #YKR on Rizon. Afterparty, and continuing news, in #GPMoD
Review: Kaena: The Prophecy

07/06/04 @ 03:42:57 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 209 words, 554 views  
I'm not entirely sure when it happened either, but fairly recently, there's been an overwhelming explosion of computer animation in France. This is made readily apparent with the release of Kaena: The Prophecy. This is the most incredible cg film I've ever seen. Instead of going for super-real, they go for a more stylized character design, but incredibly detailed and rich environments and objects. Imagine, the most detailed and breathtaking fantasy image you've ever seen on a CG gallery site....running at 30 fps. That's Kaena. And the characters actually seem more alive than even those in the Final Fantasy movie. (The prime example of this, is the interview with Kaena on the DVD, the facial animation and expressions are very life-like and expressive. Unlike the occasionally bland facial work on FF:TSW)

The people of Xilam are incredibly skilled, and work in what have to be the most beautiful offices in the whole of the industry. :3

I will be posting screengrabs from the DVD later. Stay tuned.

btw, I do not condone piracy, but it doesn't seem that Sony has released the DVD in the US as of yet. PLEASE SEND ME PURCHASE INFO. I WANT TO WATCH IT IN THE ORIGINAL FRENCH, BUT THIS THING HAS DUTCH SUBS! Permalink
I hate stylesheets.... ~_~

07/05/04 @ 03:17:24 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 43 words, 558 views  

Working on a custom GPMoD skin for this bloody thing.... If anyone knows a 'stylesheet editor' or something like that...omfg hook me Doing this shit manually is giving me an aneurism. I can't tell what half of this shit changes!

*Puts the hammer down.*

07/04/04 @ 05:20:22 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 80 words, 506 views  

I think I smashed all the bugs. If you see any lingering '\'s next to any 's and "s let me know. That's what got inserted all over the place during the convert.

And yes, I know a couple of the posts are missing. I deleted some redundant ones, and set the ones about THS to deprecated, to match his standing in the universe. He's been banned from Shinsen for more than a week and no one seemed to notice.

W-- -re ex---rienc--g te---nical ---ficulties

07/04/04 @ 03:06:50 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 45 words, 972 views  

Well, upgraded from b2, to b2 Evolution... Now if only I'd done it when Ibuki recommended it.... 'cause this thing buggered my posts during the database conversion.... Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta hit this thing with a fucking rock until it works right.


nani sore?
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