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Crash course in Koukaku Kidoutai

06/30/04 @ 08:31:42 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 280 words, 630 views  

I've had this discussion about a hojillion times, about how Ghost in The Shell is a BS name, that the series is Koukaku Kidoutai, and that the first manga was subititled 'The Ghost in The Shell' and somehow that got adopted by the American licensees, and now, in a horrible bit of bastardization, has been re-adopted for the the TV Anime. (Originally, only the movies were OFFICIALLY called 'Ghost in The Shell' internationally)

'Koukaku Kidoutai' refers to their division of the Bureau of Public Peace (Or public safety/security, depending on your translation, though the kanji literally means 'public peace'), Section 9 (Kouankyuka). Koukaku Kidoutai translates to 'Shell Riot Police'. But I prefer something like 'Assault Shell Special Squad'. 'shell' refers to the Fuchikoma/Tachikoma sentient tanks.

My personal preference? Bureau of Public Security, Section 9. Assault Shell Special Squad. It just sounds cool. (btw, 'Public Security, Section 9' is the official US translation for Stand Alone Complex.)

Anyway, I scanned these cover concepts that Shirow-sama did for the original manga, to show you where it came from.

Version 1
Version 1  I kinda like this one, it looks cool. :)

I kinda like this one, it looks cool.

Version 2
Version 2 Much closer to the final version, but in red.

Much closer to the final version, but in red.

Version 3
Version 3 Concept of final version.

Concept of final version.

I'd scan the final cover, but I don't feel like taking the protective cover off my manga just to slap it on the scanner. But I can tell you it sure as hell doesn't say 'The Ghost in The Shell' on the final.

I hope this serves to alleviate some of the natural gaijin ignorance you have. ^_^

Artwork by the one and only Masamune Shirow, for Ghost in The Shell (Koukaku Kidoutai: The Ghost in The Shell), scanned from Intron Depot 1.


06/24/04 @ 02:35:42 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 12 words, 495 views  

Here's the final version of the ad from yesterday:
Militech, better living through superior firepower.
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And now, a word from our sponsers.

06/23/04 @ 01:34:59 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 9 words, 558 views  

Today's programming, brought to you by:
Militech, Better living through superior firepower.

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Say hello...

06/22/04 @ 04:07:28 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 59 words, 554 views my NOT so little friend.
About 15 minutes work, most of which was research and googling. Still need to work on the surfacing, and model the primer. But once I have the base for this.... I can make all hojillion-and-two different 40mm 'nades with little modification. ^_^ Props to FAS, and this guy for references.

After some more work.

mmm...spammy! *Burp*

06/19/04 @ 03:56:06 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 123 words, 547 views  

I love these madlibs-esque email subjects.... I just checked my email, and my spam-catcher account (The one I sign up for EVERYTHING with) had 16 emails..... Some real art today, though...

life is better now in rabin incapacity

defendant 16 necromancers

dont tell anyone tenterhooks subliminal

it changed me shelby constipate travis

check out the best asbestos inventory china

Embarrassed? Not any more! kline maw - I don't know who this 'maw' guy is...but maybe I should kline him. ^^;

it depends on you archetypical sportswrite

And my three personal favorites....

what if you had.. childlike diphthong

more pleasure for you and her apathy grille

let me show you syntax propulsion

omfg... Second wave.....

she wants you to be.. alligator airflow

why would you storehouse carabao

I think everyone should have a turn...

06/11/04 @ 01:53:41 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 27 words, 524 views  

I feel I have to share this, because kids these days don't have a healthy respect for the power of man-portable anti-tank weapons.
Video 4mb mpeg video.


06/06/04 @ 04:37:08 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 129 words, 550 views  

omfg... I was dealing with a flood of moronic children on irc this morning....and I couldn't figure out why they numbered so many.... Then I realized it was the weekend. Then I was struck with the horrible realization that.....THE SUMMER IS COMING.... And I will have to deal with moronic adolescents all fucking summer So don't be surprised if it seems 'the lights are on but nobody's home' because I'll likely keep most of my channels MINIMIZED. Just to save braincells.

P.S. If any of you want to help me develop a method by which to kill people through the internet, my teams at MIT and Middlebury College will appreciate the help. THIS IS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL MANKIND (Well, not the stupid people anyway....)


06/05/04 @ 05:33:24 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 125 words, 595 views  

Okay. Thus beguns the flood of Tekki gameplay videos. After finally recieving my DVD-R discs, I managed to clear about 60gb, so I could finally cap to HuffYUV, THEN do a 2-pass XviD. As always, remember to right-click and select 'Save As...', or it won't work.
btw, the filename convention is 'Game-Mission-Difficulty-VT-Date-pilot'

Video 1 76mb (XviD w/MP3 Audio)

Okay, this video has me piloting a Decider in mission 03, on normal. This is my second sortie testing my ability to fire without the lock-on system.

Video 2 22mb (XviD w/MP3 Audio)

This is me taking a Vortex out for a spin. Baka-chan's VT Piloting Tip o' The Day: MAKE SURE THERE'S NOTHING OVERHEAD WHEN FIRING YOUR HOWITZER -or- DO NOT FIRE YOUR HOWITZER ON A BRIDGE.


06/01/04 @ 10:10:49 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 100 words, 559 views  

Bleh. Still no GPMoD finished. Sorry. btw, I plan to, some time in the future, serialize my own manga in GPMoD, and that happens it will become $10 a month instead of $5. (Remember, that's TWO issues.)

Also, expect a Tekki Gameplay video flood this weekend. I'm getting my DVD-Rs Thursday, so I'll be able to get all the crap off the HDs and cap the vids properly. (Huffyuv->Two-Pass Xvid)

Oh, btw, incase you're wondering about the manga.... Two continuing series, Kasei no Suna, and an as-of-yet unnamed project. And several short stories, including some based on my adventures in Tekki.


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