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I'm such a troublemaker xD

05/21/04 @ 08:31:28 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 123 words, 1075 views  

[08:24:16PM] (+kusanagi-sama) But please hurry up and release more Macross 7
[08:26:00PM] (@besieger) kusunagi-sama - Macross 7's raws are very hard to work with, please bear with us

[08:26:12PM] (+kusanagi-sama) Why are they hard to work with?
[08:26:15PM] (@N-Bomb) besieger - nice one

[08:26:25PM] (@besieger) The frames are really off
[08:26:40PM] (+kusanagi-sama) Not 23.999 FPS source?

[08:26:48PM] (+Baka-chan) What besieger means to say is: PK Mylene's character when PvP is available on FFXI.
[08:27:25PM] (@besieger) We have lives too :P

[08:27:33PM] (+Baka-chan) Some of you.
[08:27:39PM] (+Baka-chan) Nice try though.

[08:27:43PM] (@N-Bomb) The battle cry of fansubbers everywhere
[08:27:49PM] (@N-Bomb) 'We have lives too!'

[08:28:16PM] (+Baka-chan) Usually they mean OUTSIDE Vana'diel....

I'm surprised she didn't sense a disturbance in the force and smite me for that ;P

GPMoD Magazine

05/11/04 @ 04:52:28 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 109 words, 601 views  

As crazy as this sounds...maybe I was just crazy enough to hear it at the time. But some of you suggested I make a magazine...and I LOVED THE IDEA. No one knows ANYTHING about the latest anime series... It's fucking pathetic.

Even AnimeNFO is getting retarded. I went looking for the list of VAs for Kenran Butoh Sai: The Mars Daybreak....and guess what I found on AnimeNFO? Ken Ran Bu Tou Aai: The Mars Teabreak and it didn't even have a list of the VAs... WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? Daybreak is the name of the pirate's could they POSSIBLY think it's called 'teabreak' ??

How Things Work - Volume 1

05/10/04 @ 04:27:45 am, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Pretty Pictures, 0 words, 806 views  

nani sore?
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