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Ekkusu-rei wan, hasshin suru!

03/17/04 @ 11:45:51 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 98 words, 572 views  

Just a low res preview of a vid from one of my early sorties.

Mission 02 sortie video, Main Camera. (Low res) (DivX 5.03 with mp3 audio. Remember to right-click and 'Save As...')

Yes, I seeked critique from several more experienced VT pilots than myself. I know everything I did wrong. (It turned out I already knew most of what I did wrong before I asked....a good sign.) Especially that damned Vitzh that got behind looks pretty obvious in the replay, but I had no idea I hadn't put him out of action when it was happening.

.....I'll be in my bunk.....

03/17/04 @ 10:41:24 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 213 words, 571 views  

Okay. This game is the greatest game ever made. That's all there is to it. For those who don't know about Tekki (Steel Battalion) here's an excerpt from my favorite review:

In the increasingly conservative video game industry (....) the mere existence of Steel Battalion is a marvel. It's also inarguably a game that could only have been conceived in Japan, where the best developers treat game design as art instead of commerce. One of Steel Battalion's producers allegedly stated, "I don't care if we sell a lot of this game or not. I just wanted to make a game that I was satisfied with." You might catch an American developer expressing a similar sentiment in an e-mail interview, but he won't mean a damn word of it -- and he surely won't back up his claim with the most outrageous and enormous custom-built controller in the history of video gaming.

Steel Battalion, you see, doesn't have its staggering $200 MSRP because of a gold-plated pendant or lenticular collectors' card; it comes with a three-foot-wide, minimal-assembly-required, coffee-table-commandeering "cockpit simulator" and a husky three-pedal floor panel, both manufactured by Sammy USA.

I'll be posting gameplay videos soon.

btw, the controller, I should add, has 2 sticks, a gear shift, 5 toggle switches, and around 40 buttons that all light up.

-Speaking Chinese-

03/15/04 @ 05:18:37 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 73 words, 612 views  

OMG THIS IS A BIG FSCKING BOX!!! (btw, that's a 27" TV behind it.)

Minutes later..... Ta-DAAA!

Oh, btw. When the mail came this morning, I headed down to check and just caught the tail-end of one mailman saying to the other "There's no way I'm carrying some 40 pound package up the stairs..." No shit... He could've atleast let me know it was THERE. Instead of leaving the slip at like 4pm (5 hours later)

A site....uhm...'evolution' ;P

03/14/04 @ 11:34:23 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 38 words, 2064 views  

Well, I was IMing with Ibuki-chan, and showed her the new page. She immediately recommended me switching from b2 to b2 evolution. It seems a bit better than b2....and who am I to argue anyway? ;P

サンキュー~ いぶきちゃん! <3

...I`d like to be the king of all Londinum and wear a shiny hat....

03/11/04 @ 05:53:36 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 99 words, 556 views  

Well. I wasn't too enthusiastic about any of the xbox live headsets I'd seen to-date... So I got a better idea. Since I want to build a cockpit sim for Tekki..... I figure I might as well go all the way.

My shiny new kevlar hat!

I figure I'll gut the commu, and replace it with parts from normal headphones and mics, and use it for my Xbox Live headset.

For better pictures, or incase by the time you read this the auction has expired, here's some good ones.

* Note: Name the source of the post title for Bakapoints.


03/11/04 @ 01:15:53 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 28 words, 556 views  

*clinkclinkclink-blingblingbling* The Giant Pachinko Machine of DOOOOOM is now online. More postings to follow, as well as additional sections. Image gallery, and custom site template in the works.


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