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In response to: Year of the PlayStation 3
"I’ve said time and time again that I like the PS3 over the x360 for various reasons"

Wow. ANOTHER fanboy blog!

posted by: Jack [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 03/12/08 @ 14:02
Oh, hey Umbra. Been awhile. I see you still use the same ISP. They will no doubt be interested to know of your violations of their TOS, to say nothing of human decency. I no longer have the time or energy to deal with children, and it is a shame you haven't grown out of being one.

I feel pity knowing that you took the time to make pointless and idiotic comments on my site, peppered with profanity and racial slurs. Nonetheless, I published it. See, I have to approve them. I feel this will help reinforce the suitable example that is to be made.
posted by: Baka-chan [Member] PermalinkPermalink on 11/19/07 @ 06:13
Jesus fucking christ, baka-chan! You're still online. Fucking christ!! Who know you'd still be stealing oxygen, you fucking jew! Goddamn.

Well, this is just a hello from an old friend. If you ever drop by #Anirupt one day, look me up.
posted by: 45234 [Visitor] · irc:// PermalinkPermalink on 11/17/07 @ 22:22
In response to: Glory be to hackers me with this cause I want to play psx on my psp. Ill be home all day tomorrow and monday, so I expect you to help me, or I will shit on your face.
posted by: Duckie [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 01/18/07 @ 19:09
In response to: Glory be to hackers
This is a fucking test to see if this fucking thing is fucking broken, AGAIN.
posted by: Baka-chan [Member] PermalinkPermalink on 01/03/07 @ 09:31
In response to: no more bakachan... orz
:( Baka baka kills my brain cells :(
posted by: Ibuki [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 04/03/06 @ 00:44
test test test
posted by: Baka-chan [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 01/23/06 @ 14:38
posted by: Baka-chan [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 12/26/05 @ 19:23
Testing captcha re-implementation, CAPTCHA TURN ON!
posted by: Baka-chan [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 12/21/05 @ 19:28
In response to: Don't Panic!
This is a test of the Captcha code authorization implementation. w00t! Go me!
posted by: Baka-chan [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 08/22/05 @ 03:05
In response to: A little progress.
Hi. I saw your url in my stats log and thought that was the possibly the strangest domain name I ever saw. I'm glad you're not a spammer! (Seems the spammers get a kick out of linking to my anti-spam posts...)

Have fun, EdB
posted by: EdB [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 08/20/05 @ 08:01
In response to: Random Acts of Violence
i am afraid the guy is shooting things different from hdds soon :S
posted by: chosi [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 06/21/05 @ 23:10
In response to: My brain, my party.
Where is PC by the way? Anyway if this meeting contains anything relating to cat girls and/or bunny girls or why LLTA's AMD 64 pwns everyone, then I shall attend.
posted by: LongLiveTA [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 05/26/05 @ 03:07
In response to: I'm such a troublemaker xD
well done
posted by: Online Bingo [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 04/29/05 @ 10:47
In response to: Upcoming reviews
Upon enjoying life far far away from that moron cess pool known as the United States of America, a thought occured to me. I don't think I should go back. Only thing that's in the states is.... Baka-Chan. A round trip ticket to Middlesbury, VA. a German made H&K MP-7 PDW, and an Xbox as body armor, I should be able to get a certain someone into High Gear....
posted by: LongLiveTA [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 03/13/05 @ 01:37
Hello, you have nice blog-skin, it's blog default skin or you made it yourself?
posted by: Samuel Yar [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 01/24/05 @ 22:11
In response to: IT LIVES!
Too long of a url!! >_
posted by: Ibuki [Visitor] PermalinkPermalink on 10/11/04 @ 03:20
Shouldn't you be pretending to be Japanese instead of writing a useless magazine? You fail at life.

(Edited by site admin.)
My name is UmbraSG and I'm a fucking idiot! I have a two inch penis, and I play with it all day.

I'm so fucking stupid that I ridicule people for being smarter than me, which isn't saying much, granted....but it's enough!

Oh yeah, and I REALLY hate Baka-chan because he is everything in the world I want to be.
posted by: Some guy, that's what the 'SG' stands for. [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 08/29/04 @ 19:40
In response to: Auction swag! w00!
3:09 am.. I ask forgiveness for mispelling the URL in my first comment.

posted by: Peter Wacks [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 08/08/04 @ 05:09
In response to: Auction swag! w00!
Hey there.

You should send me a hi -

Peter, the designer guy. AKA punk.
posted by: Peter Wacks [Visitor] · PermalinkPermalink on 08/08/04 @ 05:08
nani sore?
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