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Footprints stretch into the distance.

05/15/09 @ 07:36:21 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Gaijin Hero, 114 words, 1153 views  

So, today was my father’s 60th birthday. Poor guy didn’t even really get to celebrate. We spent the whole day laboring towards the inhabitation (Not actually a word) of our new apartment.

For some strange reason, despite being even busier than usual AND intending to tear down the site and start over, I have been posting far more frequently than I used to. Go figure.

At any rate, expect further updates on the apartment.

And, if anyone’s wondering about the post title, it was inspired by some lyrics by the pillows:


(Donna kutsu wo haite’te mo Arukeba boku no ashiato)

“No matter what kind of shoes I wear, if I walk, I leave footprints.”

Various Miscellany - Part 1 - Of Trees and Acorns

05/18/08 @ 01:33:56 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Gaijin Hero, 224 words, 1046 views  

So, there’s quite a few things I’ve forgotten to discuss lately… Like the recent additions to my rig, my current obsession with electronics, and a few other things.

First, let me just start by wishing my father a happy birthday, he turned 59 last Thursday. While some of you may know, I’m sure there’s many who do not; my father and I share an apartment. A mutually-beneficial arrangement whereby we each pay half the rent and bills, and are able to pool the rest of our income to spend on whatever stupid shit we want at the moment. He works right next door, too. So it’s really rather convenient for both of us.

The only reason this really works is that, besides being my father, he’s also one of my best friends. Many of my core interests I got directly from him; photography, computers, graphic design, gadgets, electronics, and just making stuff. I really couldn’t ask for a more perfect roommate. We watch anime together, play computer and video games together and against eachother, and as we are currently, we commonly work together on things, or at least seek eachothers’ input and advice. (Of course, the extreme similarity in personality does lead to conflict on occasion but hey, what’re ya gonna do?)

So, happy birthday, dad. Keep being awesome.

My father, is a Gaijin Hero.

New Category

10/22/06 @ 01:33:02 am, Categories: Gaijin Hero, 0 words, 5200 views  

nani sore?
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