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Dreaming in Digital

04/20/09 @ 05:29:52 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, GPMoD People, 299 words, 981 views  

So, with the help of the great and mighty Edward_K, I was able to purchase a Wacom Cintiq 21UX back in October. I owe him huge and not just the money I need to pay back. It made a huge difference having it, and I wish I’d used it more in the last couple of months, but it’s been hard keeping enough open desk space. ;o

Last week I got the desk cleared off so I could sit down and really try and do something. I had a particular image in my head, and so I went about trying to execute it.

Now, let me just say, this is maybe the second or third time I’ve actually done more than a little doodle in…well, more years than I can remember…and the first time I’ve tried drawing a hand in any sort of detail, which is hard as hell lemme tell you. ;3

Anyway, enough excuses…

I’d say it’s turned out pretty good so far. Hand looks like crap though, and I’ll have to redraw it probably, since it doesn’t look like it’s gripping the gun tight enough. (Also it would probably be good to finish drawing the gun)

I would have absolutely no chance of drawing even THIS well if it weren’t for ComicStudioEX 4. It really is a miraculous piece of software, and actually makes me a better artist than I am, with all of its helpful drawing aids. I’d like to go into detail on some of that at another time. In fact, after I get set up in the new apartment, I wanted to do a podcast where I discuss the software. Prompted by a short discussion I had about it with my cousin when she was here the other day.

Anyway, practice practice practice!!!

The Week of a Thousand Things - Part 2

02/14/08 @ 12:53:00 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. The Anime Community, Life of Baka, Baka-chan on Anime, GPMoD People, Projects, 391 words, 1301 views  

So, a recent alliance between the GPMoD and a secret society that stands against evil in all its forms (Especially stupidity) Has spawned the idea of doing a 2D fighting game with characters based on our online personas and our respective communities’ in-jokes. I’ll have more to say about this project at a later date.

I really need to catch up on my anime… I haven’t finished Minami-ke or Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei, and now Minami-ke Okawari! and Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei are airing… Gundam 00 still sucks. Code Geass doesn’t return until April. The only thing I’m staying current on is Kaiji. I’ve been watching Triad’s subs with my father. He really liked Akagi… Kaiji doesn’t seem to appeal to him as much, but he still likes it.

Also, Evangelion 1.0 is the greatest thing to ever happen to the franchise, and perhaps anime in-general…but I’ll talk more about that in another post. (I swear to fucking GOD, I want to go to Japan just to SEE it in the theater!) It doesn’t come out on DVD and Blu-ray until late April… I have plans to make that my first hi-def purchase… And then I will write a fansub script for it. One that is in no way based on the original US translations… A completely new reinterpretation of the dialogue based on intense study of the background and mythos of Shin Seiki Evangelion, (This from someone who named their computers ZEROGOKI, SHOGOKI, and NIGOKI, on workgroup EVANGELION, hooked up with Blue, Purple, and Red ethernet cables…) and conforming to an ideal of ‘accurate translation at any cost’. People don’t know what the fuck is going on? Tough shit, you obviously don’t know something that you’re SUPPOSED to know. Read a fucking book.

I am serious about this. I am sick of all these half-assed translations on OFFICIAL DVDS, and ADVs crap releases. I am going to do this, and deliver them the goddamn script with the warning that if they alienate the intended demographic for EVA 1.0 with a shit sub, there is little doubt they will lose 90% of all sales of the movie to hi-def rips of it on bittorrent. They need to learn once and for all.

    GOD’S IN

lurve <3

02/26/06 @ 02:07:54 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, GPMoD People, 30 words, 1048 views  

Ibuki is back home. Let there be much rejoicing. \o/

woo! Pushed that damned Hap** Holi**ys post off the front page! No more ***ukkah supply ads! Stupid Google Adsense...

tanjoubi omedetou!

01/27/06 @ 09:09:22 am, Categories: Life of Baka, GPMoD People, 51 words, 1044 views  

You heard right, it's Baka-chan's birthday. He's been kicking around on this mudball for a quarter of a century. Now wouldn't be a terrible time to donate some money for his geriatric medications. ^_-

Those interested in donating should go tell him, since there isn't a simple 'donate' button set up yet.

Happy New Year

01/01/06 @ 12:00:00 am, Categories: Site News, GPMoD People, 31 words, 1052 views  

Happy new year, kids.

btw, the PSP menu theme doesn't change until you cold-boot the PSP... Kinda disappointing, since, failing all else, I wanted to atleast watch that change at midnight.

Baka-chan as miracle cancer treatment?

12/26/05 @ 04:40:55 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan Brings The Funny, GPMoD People, 197 words, 1306 views  

A couple days ago I banned Samuron/Sammyron/Sammy/Sumoron/Eji/Fuckup from #GPMoD for not getting rid of an idiot-ass script that makes him say 'lusting over lolis' everytime he types 'lol'... The next day, I get this in a query window:

[12.25/17.01.59] <Eji> hay
[12.25/17.02.07] <Eji> is there a way you can download a umd
[12.25/17.02.08] <Eji> and somehow
[12.25/17.02.13] <Eji> MAKE IT WORK ON PC to watch
[12.25/17.03.05] <Eji> cuz i came acrosst the ajikan umd on usenet
[12.25/17.10.02] <Eji> also
[12.25/17.10.19] <Eji> how do i accessed

This involves countless levels of wtf, not the least of which is, this is pretty retarded even by Sumoron standards. Did he really devolve that much in the day he wasn't in the channel? Was the anti-stupid I radiate the only thing keeping his MASSIVE BRAIN TUMOR at bay? I will ponder these things... Meanwhile, EDGE SAMURON HAS HEREBY BEEN DETERMINED TO BE A DANGER TO ALL SENTIENT LIFE, CONTACT WITH HIM MUST BE MINIMIZED, AND REPORTED IMMEDIATELY TO PROPER AUTHORITIES. (For example, a Genepool Lifeguard, or a Paladin of The Order of Ninety-Nine.)

I have words...

12/25/05 @ 01:34:58 am, Categories: Site News, GPMoD People, 79 words, 1049 views  

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Merry Yule, Happy Chanukah, Peaceful Kwanza, Merry Giftmas, Merry Winter-een-mas, and a Joyous Athiest-kids-get-presents-day!

To all you crazy kids who hang out and support GPMoD, and the ones who aren't around, and the ones who can't be with us.

You've all put up with my craziness and my procrastination, and even my sheer inability to get stuff done. And I thank you. Expect big things in the year to come. That's my New Year's resolution.

Poor little bastard.

08/31/05 @ 12:57:54 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Pretty Pictures, GPMoD People, 56 words, 1057 views  

This post is dedicated to Samuron, GPMoD's personal Sasazuka-kun. He will one day be remembered for all the random abuse he receives from me on a daily basis... Go stand in the hall.

Poor Sasazuka-kun. (笑!)

Sasazuka-kun is, of course, from the hilarious manga (and now anime) Ichigo Mashimaro. ( 苺ましまろ ) This image is from the second volume of the manga.


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