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Some good news

08/02/08 @ 09:20:36 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Baka-chan on Manga, 173 words, 1542 views  

Smith Micro (The company that acquired e-Frontier) announced, at San Diego Comic Con, their release plans for Manga Studio 4 (The English localized version of Celsys’ ComicStudio, one of my favorite applications EVER.) Lincy Chan, OEL Manga artist for TokyoPop, was on-hand to demo the software at their SDCC booth, and from a brief forum exchange with her, it seems she’s had the privilege of betatesting the English localization. (Like me, she’s been using the Japanese version for a while now.)

This is the first definite news most people have even heard of a localized CS4, and to hear that it’s going to hopefully be on shelves this fall, is really welcome news. If you have any interest at all in comic illustration, or just anime-style illustration in-general, this is $300 you’re going to want to keep handy for the next several months.

ComicStudio 3 was already a pretty damn great tool, ComicStudio 4 makes some serious improvements in a lot of areas, besides adding some new features. ‘Totally worth the price of admission’, as they say.

Random update

03/10/06 @ 06:15:01 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Baka-chan on Games, Baka-chan on Anime, Baka-chan on Manga, 339 words, 1521 views  

I haven't been getting much done on the site, but that doesn't mean all my time is spent idle.

I've shot over 1500 photos with my new camera and produced a large number of different pieces of artwork I hope to be able to sell.

I have acquired several Range Murata artbooks, a couple of which are quite rare.

I've played numerous PS2 games that kick ass, and I wish to impart their awesomeness unto my readers. (Prime example being Kidou Senshi Gundam: Climax U.C.)

I've seen a lot of anime I'd like to recommend. (Including Tales of Phantasia, Rec, Gyagu Manga Biyori, Akagi, and Noein, just to name a few.)

And I'd also like to remind you to check out some stuff I've found awesome, but maybe slipped by. Like Miwa Shirow's kickass manga, Dogs. (Don't let the name fool you, this ain't about some poodle, kids.)

So yeah, I'll get around to blabbing about that stuff sooner or later...

But in the meantime, I'd like to remind you all to click my ads and help me keep the site afloat. (Help I really need right now, as I'm a month and a half overdue on the hosting. tasukete kure!) The ads aren't the only thing, mind you. You can also help by simply following these links next time you or someone you know wants to buy something from Play-Asia. And of course, if anyone you know needs webhosting... Tell them to come talk to me. I can even give them a discount on hosting with Dreamhost, who I can say, with certainty are the greatest webhost on Earth. (Know any others that'd let you get away with not paying them for a little while? ^^;)

And don't forget that the giveaway is coming up! I'll finally get that donate button up, and you can donate to the Baka-chan! Every donation gets some GPMoD pins and a card, and every $5 increment gives you an entry in the giveaway! Just my way of giving back to people who support me.

A howl in the night.

09/06/05 @ 11:58:16 pm, Categories: Credit Where Credit's Due, Baka-chan on Manga, 216 words, 1196 views  

I've stumbled onto a totally kickass manga recently called 'Dogs: Bullets and Carnage', I read the first chapter in my July issue of Ultra Jump. The art is awesome, and the stories are awesome. It's a great piece. Miwa Shirow is quite the artist and storyteller.

It turns out there's a lot more out there. This new serialization is a new story in the Dogs universe. There's also the original single volume one-shot manga. As well as the short "Dogs: Hardcore Twins" from the Ultra Jump Megamix collection. (According to Manga-Translation, where you can get scanlated versions.)

I still haven't found a place to buy the manga, but I've read scans. omg, it really is extraordinary. It's like...I hesitate to say this because it's a poor's like Sin City. Everything happens in the same place, and all the stories have overlapping casts of characters. (With Buon Viagglo instead of Kadie's Bar. :P) I love it. The art style and the stories are totally my thing.

I'm going to subscribe to Ultra Jump just for Dogs. And if anyone knows an import shop that carries the Dogs manga, gimme a yell.

(I immediately slapped together a dual-monitor wallpaper with some of the character art on Miwa Shirow's homepage. I'll release it when I'm done.)


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