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10/18/07 @ 01:05:44 pm, Categories: Site News, Now a Word From Our Sponsors, 329 words, 1207 views  

I’m sure you all remember how I used to have google ads after the first couple posts… Well, I think that only ever made me like $11.04 xD On the other hand, Play-Asia has made me at least a hundred bucks or so. And I haven’t really been pushing it at all. You also all probably know that I can always use the money…

That said, I’m going to be adding an advertisement system to the site with the next wave of updates. There will be a banner at the top of the page, a banner between the latest posts and the collapsed posts, and some affiliate buttons down in the links area.

Basically, this is how it is… I will NEVER advertise a product or service I wouldn’t use myself. (Or at the very least, something I think is really good, even if it’s not quite my thing.)

Either I find a site or product that I like or approve of… Or they send me a sample for my evaluation, and I dig it… Then they offer or I sign up for an affiliate arrangement of some sort.

So there it is.

To potential advertisers:
Basically, what I said above. If you want me to pimp a product or service to my community, it’s gotta be good enough to either be something I’d use, or at least deem good enough for my people. Seeing as how I’m a poor struggling artist…your best bet is to send me something to evaluate (Goods), offer me some kind of try-out (Services), or otherwise make yourselves known to me. (Sites, etc.) Products or gift certificates for GPMoD giveaways are always welcome too.

Our demographic looks like this: fairly hardcore gamers and anime connoisseurs, pretty much all of whom are also serious computer geeks, and several of whom, myself included, are creative types with certain high-end needs.

Also, any webcomics or other sites of gaming/anime-related interest are welcome to offer link swaps.

A little progress, a little stress, a little stupid.

11/15/05 @ 11:16:16 am, Categories: Site News, Now a Word From Our Sponsors, 205 words, 1236 views  

Some minor progress. Did some work on (Read: Did battle with) the stylesheets. Still haven't finalized the new colorscheme, but I atleast got the blockquote to look like I wanted, by finally vanquishing the stylesheets that have been kicking my ass, mostly thanks to Edward_K. (Support your local guru!)

I'm stressing over getting some money together right-quick. My Ceramic White PSP Gigapack, with two games, and a screen protector, comes to $430 after shipping. The 8 megapixel DSLR I need for 'work', is $950 shipped, with a 1gb CF card and everything... The problem? When the gov't kicks us back our renter's rebate... I'll only have $1150-ish to work with. T_T

In a perfect world, I'd have the camera, and I'd get the Gigapack no more than 3 days after its release in Japan, and would be able to take stunning high-res stills of the whole deal. In this world...? Not so much.

Now would be a good time to help a Baka out. Since otherwise, I'll have to wait until December to get the PSP...and by then the net will already be flooded with stuff about the Gigapack. (Just not as pretty as mine.)

PSP wo hoshii...  >_<

btw, great advert for the Gigapack here. (Also, that site rocks.)

Got hosting? My host is practically giving it away.

09/01/05 @ 03:45:40 am, Categories: Credit Where Credit's Due, Now a Word From Our Sponsors, 414 words, 989 views  

On a semi-related note, I just got the latest newsletter from my webhost. I thought they'd already lost their minds once before... But now they've really done it.

They finally ended the triple drivespace/bandwidth quota sale by making those the new numbers... And, because they're really completely insane, they've now started a DOUBLED sale ontop of the now-permanent triple bandwidth and disk space. And to top it all off, they've doubled the amount at which your disk quota goes up each week. (By way of a for instance, my disk quota goes up 120mb a week now.) However, they have ended the half price sale on the level 3 hosting account. (But people like me who already signed up are locked in at that $19.95 a month forever!)

So kids, here's what $7.95* a month gets you right now:

  • 4800mb of disk space, increasing by 40mb each week.
  • 120gb of monthly bandwidth that increases by 1gb a week.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases.
  • 600 Email accounts
  • 75 Shell/FTP accounts
  • 3 hosted domains, 15 subdomains, and 1 free domain registration, paid for as long as you host with them.
  • Other features too numerous to mention...

And that's just the cheapest account they have! You won't believe what the other accounts come with!

*Price is $9.95 a month if you don't pay for 2 years.

I won't pretend I don't get anything for people signing up, but you have 3 months to make up your mind about whether I'm full of shit. And to show my appreciation, you can use the discount code GPMOD25 to get $25 off your first bill. Which would bring two years of level one hosting to a nice round $165.80. You can't beat that. Really, you can't. I know, I've looked. That's how I ended up with Dreamhost. :P

btw, their quota increase is retroactive. I now have 17040mb of disk space.

I honestly think the only way this deal could get any better is if they built your site FOR you while scantily-clad <insert opposite sex or whatever floats your boat here> served you drinks with little umbrellas in them. Well, with one-click installs of site frameworks like Mambo available from the contol panel, you've almost got the first part covered. And with the money you save with DH's insane deals, you might be able to do something about the latter half, too. ;)

I feel it's worth mentioning that I've been a more than satisfied Dreamhost customer since February, and plan to stay with them for the forseeable future. (Who wouldn't?!)

Get over it.

09/01/05 @ 02:10:32 am, Categories: Site News, Now a Word From Our Sponsors, 57 words, 1017 views  

As you may have noticed, there's a pair of Google Ads lower down the page. (And possibly one up top, as I shuffled one into the ad system.) Yes, I am a dirty, dirty, whore. But really, come on. Baka's gotta make a living, and you people aren't doing him any favors. So get over it. :P


nani sore?
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