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Meditations on the Meaning of Baka-chan

05/10/08 @ 06:04:11 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Baka-chan vs. YOU, 151 words, 1009 views  

So, a lot of people out there think they know everything. (I’m one of them…only, I’m right.) And plenty of them have opinions on the nick Baka-chan. (Especially the Pioneertards. ‘zomgroffle little stupid?’) Let me start by telling you that you are quite simply wrong.

First and foremost it is a trap. As we all know, one of my favorite pastimes is being a massive asshole on the internet, and generally calling people on their stupid shit because I am quite simply stupid-shit-averse. Nothing pisses in these peoples’ Cheerios more than getting their ass handed to them by someone they think of, from the outset, as being stupid. The name Baka-chan suits that purpose nicely.

But its actual contextual source is the idiomatic expression 「馬鹿も一芸」 ‘bakamoichigei’ roughly meaning ‘even a fool has one talent’.

So yeah, I may be a fool…but at least I’m a TALENTED fool. What’s your excuse?

Anonymous did it!

05/06/08 @ 09:45:25 pm, Categories: Baka-chan vs. The World, Baka-chan vs. YOU, 337 words, 1083 views  

So, for those of you who don’t know, some kid from Albuquerque– Nick Garza –who went to the same high school as some people affiliated with GPMoD, and through some weird coincidence ended up going to Middlebury College, disappeared in the middle of the night on February 5th, and has not been heard from since.

So, I look out the window and there’s something going on in the parking lot of the block across the river… My father said it was Fox 44 when he got back from the store, and I quickly found this

Fox, what the fuck? And seriously. I think his mom really needs to just go home and re-evaluate things. This is some pretty desperate straw-grasping shit. Kids tag shit all the time around here. There’s permanent marker and silver paint marker tags all over the place. Am I surprised you found a smiley face? No. I bet I can find ten more. (And I don’t bother with that whole ‘outside’ thing that much.)

It’s a terrible thing that happened to your son, it is. But is it going to make you feel better thinking he was slashed by some psycho, instead of the more realistic probability that he wandered out into the cold and had some terrible accident befall him? I mean, we had a horrible ice storm happen within a 72 hour period there… This shit happens. All he’d have to do is slip and hit his head, and it’s Game Over.

If you want to tilt at windmills, by all means, that’s your right. Want a nice big one to go after?

The ’smiley face killers’ are actually a more violent sub-section of the ruthless terrorist organization known as Anonymous. The murders are all over the place because members of Anonymous are all over the place. A smiley face certainly fits the profile of internet culture. Many members of Anonymous could even be other students at victims’ schools!

Feed THAT to Fox news, they’ll cream their shorts. They LIVE for that shit.

Buried Treasure

11/22/07 @ 02:59:29 am, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan vs. YOU, 309 words, 1254 views  

Some amusing stuff from my old 2000-2003 mIRC logs I found on one of the old HDDs.

Session Start: Mon Jan 20 23:01:21 2003
Session Ident: UmbraSG
[11:05:12PM] <UmbraSG> Hehe. What happened, you get banned from AX?
[11:05:20PM] <UmbraSG> so in order to feel male, you have to hunt me down?
[11:05:33PM] <Baka-chan> Actually, a little bird told me you were here, not much hunting to it.
[11:05:41PM] <UmbraSG> So.
[11:05:42PM] <Baka-chan> Just thought I’d come hassle you.
[11:05:44PM] <UmbraSG> I’m not exactly hiding
[11:06:00PM] <Baka-chan> Is that a fact?
[11:06:01PM] <UmbraSG> Ah. Still can’t master that provoking skill, huh?
[11:06:29PM] <Baka-chan> So, it’s my LACK of provocation you took issue with and left AX?
[11:06:50PM] <UmbraSG> No.
[11:07:02PM] <UmbraSG> If you are dying to find out why I left, talk to Every.
[11:07:21PM] <UmbraSG> I’m busy with homework and I don’t have time to have fun with you. Try me some other time.
[11:07:32PM] <Baka-chan> I know why you left.
[11:07:40PM] <Baka-chan> Would you like your EXACT words?
[11:07:56PM] <Baka-chan> Or shall I paraphrase?
[11:13:24PM] <Baka-chan> Ahh! Found it.
[11:13:32PM] <Baka-chan> I believe you said this to every….
[11:13:33PM] <Baka-chan> [06:50pm] <UmbraSG> as of today, you can remove me from all lists of Animextacy. I am quiting.
[11:13:33PM] <Baka-chan> [06:51pm] <UmbraSG> Sorry, man. I’ve had enough from Shibbz and Baka.
[11:13:52PM] <Baka-chan> Lack of provocation skills indeed.
[11:14:40PM] <Baka-chan> btw, there’s TWO ‘T’s in quitting.

That, was the last I heard of Umbra. Except for the racial slur filled comments left on the blog here. Oh yeah, and occasionally getting my UD definition for him removed.


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