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New home

03/10/11 @ 12:02:51 pm, Categories: Site News, 29 words, 2532 views  

This site is now officially defunct.

The active blog can now be found at and

I’ll move all the important posts over eventually.

The end of an era...

01/01/11 @ 01:01:11 am, Categories: Site News, 128 words, 2538 views  

The first post was made to this blog, the Giant Pachinko Machine of Doom, on March 11th, 2004.

I intend for this to be the last. What better time to start over than on 1/1/11?

There will be a new WordPress-based blog going up, and this one will be kept as an archive, that I will port old posts over from periodically.

At any rate, I know I’ve been slacking lately, but there’s so much cool stuff I want to share that I haven’t been able to because this blog is a pain in the ass the way it is… I will have the new blog up in time for the 7th anniversary of the site, with a bunch of new stuff.


And everyone enjoy the New Year!


10/05/10 @ 01:42:57 am, Categories: Site News, 346 words, 2441 views  

So, it’s been like 5 months since I posted…

A lot has happened, and yet nothing has happened. That is to say, I’ve made remarkable progress on countless things, but none of it has reached any sort of completion.

I am DEFINITELY gearing up to relaunch the site though. I’m going to tear it all down and put up a brand spanking new Wordpress site with new content, and slowly start porting over the best of the old posts. (I will make the current blog available somewhere though.)

To keep things simple, I’ll have categories based on my interests and hobbies such as “Games", “Anime", “Arcade", “Roleplaying", “Writing", “Drawing", “Electronics", “Making Stuff", etc. as well as things like “News", “Life of Baka", and “Projects". Then everything will be tagged with further descriptors like “Rant", “Review", “How-To", “Discussion", etc.

I’m even going to add a category for food. Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m a pretty good cook, and I take it very seriously, and I have my own way of doing a lot of stuff. Even in the IRC channel, I often speak of food and how I go about making it. So I figure it’d be cool to preserve that stuff by sharing it on the site!

The site will have a cool header image that is a mosaic of random category images. And then when you’re viewing a category, it’s a random selection of the images for that particular category. I’m also going to come up with a script that makes the frontpage take any link that is meant for this old blog, and either pass it on to the archive, or redirect to the reposted version if there is one.

Anyway, I promise that I’ll do my best to have the new site ready-ish this month! That way, it can be up and running just in time for my hosting to be locked for non-payment. -_-; Yeah, I owe $120 right now for a year of hosting, and I have no idea how I’m going to come up with that this month. orz

Cleaning house...

11/14/09 @ 10:28:38 pm, Categories: Site News, 67 words, 1140 views  

Just doing a little website housecleaning tonight…if only it were so easy to clean my apartment. ;[

I have pretty much all my obligations (Except re-paying Ed) out of the way, which means I’ll be free to pursue my own idle projects. First thing, will probably be to wipe this site. Maintain this blog in a frozen state somewhere, and make a new Wordpress blog for GPMoD.


08/13/09 @ 02:45:27 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, 143 words, 1099 views  

I’ve been swamped with work trying to get together the rest of the money I need to pay Ed_K back his more than generous loan.

It’s closing in on all sides! I’ve totally fallen behind on anime and stuff. Despite all this I have a few projects that I hope to announce soon.

Also, at some point in the near future, I’m going to install WordPress in place of this blog, and eventually I’ll port of all the best posts. I know I haven’t been posting a lot here lately, but I’ve mostly been microblagging various day-to-day stuff via my Twitter, and I’ll have that integrated into the new site.

Hehe, all day I’ve been listening to the Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei and Zan Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei ops. ‘Hito toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru’ and ‘Ringo Mogire Biimu’ which are just insane and ridiculous songs, lol.

Wait, what?

08/13/08 @ 07:05:31 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, 122 words, 1083 views  

That was weird. Got woken up at 4am this morning by the power coming back on… Seemed it was only out for a couple minutes at most, according to my mIRC timestamps. Looked outside, there were no signs of a storm or anything. Weird.

Anyway, I got some new HDDs today. A 500gb to replace the one in my RAID5 that went bad, and another to add more storage to my newer box.

I’ve been learning a lot about Drupal, I think I’m definitely going to use it for the revamp of GPMoD. However, first I’m going to use it for my new site. This new site will be the site for my various projects. I will unveil it when it’s finished.


10/18/07 @ 01:05:44 pm, Categories: Site News, Now a Word From Our Sponsors, 329 words, 1207 views  

I’m sure you all remember how I used to have google ads after the first couple posts… Well, I think that only ever made me like $11.04 xD On the other hand, Play-Asia has made me at least a hundred bucks or so. And I haven’t really been pushing it at all. You also all probably know that I can always use the money…

That said, I’m going to be adding an advertisement system to the site with the next wave of updates. There will be a banner at the top of the page, a banner between the latest posts and the collapsed posts, and some affiliate buttons down in the links area.

Basically, this is how it is… I will NEVER advertise a product or service I wouldn’t use myself. (Or at the very least, something I think is really good, even if it’s not quite my thing.)

Either I find a site or product that I like or approve of… Or they send me a sample for my evaluation, and I dig it… Then they offer or I sign up for an affiliate arrangement of some sort.

So there it is.

To potential advertisers:
Basically, what I said above. If you want me to pimp a product or service to my community, it’s gotta be good enough to either be something I’d use, or at least deem good enough for my people. Seeing as how I’m a poor struggling artist…your best bet is to send me something to evaluate (Goods), offer me some kind of try-out (Services), or otherwise make yourselves known to me. (Sites, etc.) Products or gift certificates for GPMoD giveaways are always welcome too.

Our demographic looks like this: fairly hardcore gamers and anime connoisseurs, pretty much all of whom are also serious computer geeks, and several of whom, myself included, are creative types with certain high-end needs.

Also, any webcomics or other sites of gaming/anime-related interest are welcome to offer link swaps.


10/17/07 @ 05:35:04 am, Categories: Site News, 251 words, 1032 views  

There are several projects I have in mind for this site. As I’ve said before, one of the things I am going to do is move all discussion of anime and videogames to the GPMoD Magazine blog, and this blog will be reserved for my day-to-day tribulations, rants, and general site news.

I am also considering recruiting members of my little circle of interblag misfits to write about stuff for the ‘magazine’ site. It is afterall, an archive for the GPMoD ‘Society for The Study of Modern Visual Culture’. I will also seek the opinions of the others for anything I talk about, and include their thoughts on the subject.

Very soon I will reveal my personal studio, which will be dedicated to projects of mine such as games/anime/manga/etcetera that aren’t necessarily related to my more official commercial entity.

I haven’t quite figured out what to do with the GPMoD Radio site, because I can’t figure out exactly how to do what I want to do with it… A lot of what I wanted to do revolved around the kinds of conversations I have on IRC, discussing anime and videogames, and debating things…but none of the people I do this with live within 300 miles of me, so I’m sort of at a loss as to how to do it without everyone having to buy a nice mic and audio setup like I have. (Not that it was all that expensive…)

Oh well. I’ll figure it out eventually. 何とかあるさ。

Little Updates (Part 4)

09/17/07 @ 10:29:27 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, 56 words, 954 views  

Well, my World in Conflict Collector’s Edition box has shipped, I will have it around lunchtime tomorrow, which is release day.

In other news, you probably noticed that I made even more changes to the page in the last couple hours, even changing the frontpage’s stylesheets just a little. This whole thing looks pretty slick, no?

Little Updates... (Part 3)

09/17/07 @ 06:19:32 pm, Categories: Life of Baka, Site News, 50 words, 938 views  

There’s a bunch of games I’d like to talk about at some point in the near future (Other than World in Conflict), such as Toribash, and Armadillo Run. Great games! Check them out. A major revision of Toribash comes out at the end of October, I’m looking forward to it.


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