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On the passage of time and bad jokes

01/15/10 @ 10:21:35 pm, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Life of Baka, 646 words, 1287 views  

Well, it’s that time of year again. I was going to make a joke where I write— at length —about an ‘extraordinary individual whose birthday is quickly approaching’, saying “What? Did you think I was talking about Mozart?"… But as Lewis Black would say, “I’m just not that fucking funny.”

Yes, for those who don’t know, my birthday— January 27th —is also the birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who would be 254 this year if he was, well, a vampire…or something…I guess…ANYWAY! That’s all irrelevant because I couldn’t be bothered to write the joke which I have now explained anyway, in far too much detail, PUTTING THAT ASIDE, I just thought I’d write about what it is I’ve been doing.

Among other things, I’ve had an extensive e-mail conversation with Jason von Nieda, the guy who built a clock based on my design. We talked a bit about what it would take to make more. Right now, I’m waiting on a new drillpress so I can finish my CNC machine, as I might be able to make the clock enclosures and stuff.

I’ve been doing a bit more drawing lately, but I’ve been trying not to get too involved as there are things I really need to be doing…and am still not, even when I don’t draw… So really, I need to quit fucking up.

Speaking of fucking up, last night, our camera took a header off the top of my computer case for no discernible reason, landing on my foot, and then the floor… I call bullshit. It gets to fall on my foot, OR break. Not both. NEVER BOTH!!! Anyway, it broke the UV filter (That’s what it’s there for.) and jammed my 35mm lens. Luckily the camera is okay, and the lens seems like it will work correctly once I pop the moving bits back into the right position. So if I’m real lucky, I’m only out a $7.99 UV filter which fulfilled its destiny and took one for my glass.

I’ve started collecting the original Graphic-sha published How To Draw Manga books for my birthday. I already had a couple, but I managed to scrape together enough to buy another ~25 of the books in various states of ‘used’ condition. (Nine of which have arrived so far.) I even managed to snag an OOP book that some assholes are trying to sell for $280 and up, when someone put one on the Amazon Marketplace for $12.99 (I bought it within like 10 minutes of it being posted.)

I’ve seen people trying to sell some of these books for as much as $900~1200, and that really pisses me off. Someone should take action to undercut these assholes, like releasing PDFs of the OOP books. No one should have to pay that much, and the publisher doesn’t get any money either, since they’re all used copies! Given that a lot of the unavailable and ridiculously priced books are both fairly new, and very good/useful, it really is a frustrating situation and people who try and charge that much are basically human garbage. This isn’t commerce, it’s taking advantage of people. Don’t ask me why, but it seems harder to buy a How to Draw Manga book from ~2007 than it is to buy one from ~2000. And things like the ‘How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga-Style’ series are very recent and up-to-date in art style and seem to be better written as well.

Anyway, enough about that, I’m not really doing anything special for my birthday but hopefully I’ll have some projects gaining momentum come the end of February. And on the off chance that anyone wants to help me complete my collection of HTDM books, there’s still quite a few cheap ones on my Amazon wishlist. (I only ask that they not be ‘ex-library’ copies and that they still have their dust jackets.)

Quantum Terrorism

12/28/09 @ 02:38:06 pm, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Baka-chan vs. The World, Random Randomness, 189 words, 1697 views  

What it is I could have possibly said to elicit this, I do not know. Perhaps Swift knows me too well, but a question was posed that led to all manner of hilarity.

[12.28/12.41.24] <+Swift> What manner of dastardly plan are you concocting, you?
[12.28/12.41.36] <@Baka-chan> Who? Me?
[12.28/12.41.37] <@Baka-chan> :3
[12.28/12.41.43] <+Swift> Yes.
[12.28/12.41.44] <@Baka-chan> I concoct no plans.
[12.28/12.42.10] <@Baka-chan> We all know that my acts of global terrorism are wholly spontaneous.
[12.28/12.42.26] <+Swift> lol

And now for the inevitable, random, and yet somehow totally epic interruption by Shin_Getter… (With spelling corrections for those who can’t translate shinglish.)

[12.28/12.50.19] <Shin_Getter> the truth is Baka-chan resides in an indeterminate state of terrorism at all times, in which all possible terrorist acts coexist simultaneously, and mere mortals are only capable of witnessing one possible result of Baka’s rampage as their feeble powers of observation can only observe one possible superposition of the outcome

This resulted in Swift scribbling a quick and hilarious 4koma. Now all we need is an audio clip of what Shin wrote in a Hawking-esque synth voice.

Progress is being MEH

05/07/09 @ 06:46:25 pm, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Life of Baka, Pretty Pictures, 121 words, 1200 views  

I have so much going on right now, and half of it isn’t even the fact that I have to MOVE OUT OF MY APARTMENT.

Anyway, before everything got crazy I HAD made some progress on that drawing but abandoned work on it for the time being. I still have to completely redraw the hand so it no longer sucks. ;(

I don’t know why the website is being a bastard and no longer letting me use ‘a’ tags, but I think when the dust settles, I’m just going to rebuild the site on WordPress or MovableType (Preferrably WP because I’ll need to know WP later when I make a ComicPress site) Then I’ll have to start porting over the old posts.

New logos.

11/22/07 @ 03:25:32 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, 160 words, 1318 views  

So, I was playing around with all my typefaces and stuff while I was without internet, and started acting on the need for a new GPMoD logo. (Or several.)

The idea is to have logos that cover a wide range of styles, and maybe even satirize other logos and stuff. (And then have them cycled randomly whenever the page is refreshed)

These are just some typeface choices, they will of course be tweaked to fit the current logo’s arrangement and style (For instance, some of these samples are squashed in one direction or another, or otherwise don’t fit into the current square design.) as well as having other treatments and effects.

Tell me via PM or in the comments what your picks are. Following a format like ‘Page X #X’ and remember, I’m looking for several choices. I’ll weigh the feedback I get against what some of my picks are, and see what we can come up with!

Page 1 Page 2

Happy Turkey-day, kids.

11/22/07 @ 03:19:37 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, 21 words, 1460 views  

Happy Thanksgiving, and may your relatives not force you to kill them!

(Or failing that, may their bodies never be found!)

...why there is no GPMoD comic.

09/27/07 @ 07:55:05 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, 878 words, 3231 views  

So, I’ve had this fucking Aiptek 12x9 utter POS tablet for a couple years now, but almost never use it because it SUCKS. And this morning, for the second time in as many months, I went on a rampage searching for the stylus to see if the new drivers make it any less of a POS. The following took place in #moe… (Log after the jump…because it’s huge.)


Upgrade soon.

09/29/06 @ 09:45:01 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Site News, 53 words, 1238 views  

So, it looks like the first stable/final build of b2evo in a god-long time has been released, its codename is Serenity, so I take that as a good omen. Soon I will commence the upgrading and Ed_K will commence the hax0ring to make it work on my site. \o/


04/26/06 @ 03:07:24 pm, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Baka-chan on Games, 152 words, 1328 views  

Okay, so I tried LocoRoco. (Free Demo available for download)

I love it, it's great. Simple yet challenging, cute and fun. HOWEVER! Once you figure out how to play and you're actually TRYING to get all the stuff, it will PISS YOU OFF BEYOND WHAT IS REASONABLE for this cute shiny happy game. No kidding. I was cursing at the damned thing. I was like "YOU DAMNED LITTLE BLOB OF SHIT! NOT THAT WAY!!!" was terrible... -_-;

I lack asian superpowers, and as such, when I'm frantically trying to do some complex bouncing dealie to get up somewhere, I start losing basic motor control and hand-eye coordination...things get ugly from there. (Now would probably be a good time to mention the 'Help Baka-chan find a nice Japanese girl so their children can properly play video games' foundation.)


Like, pictures and stuff.

04/06/06 @ 10:17:20 am, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Site News, 207 words, 1228 views  

So, I plan to put the GPMoD gallery up soon, right after I rearrange the whole media subdomain. (darui~ *Runs off to watch ComiPa instead*) Also a gallery for Tangible Imagination Inc., which will include my artwork and photographs. (And will allow for the purchase of prints~)

Also, I'm considering sharing some webspace with anyone who wants in, for a small fee. (far less than most webhosts, it would seem) Of course, if you really need the space, might I recommend going direct to DreamHost? (It's worth noting that I can offer discounts on DH if you ask me.) What's more, is I'd be really appreciative, as that kind of thing helps greatly with the site's hosting fees. (Which I just paid...60 days late. =_=)

As usual, I will tell you that they are, no bullshit, the best webhost around. I mean, I'm paying $19.95 a month (Or $15.95 a month for 2 years), for almost 80gb of space, almost 2tb of transfer, and almost unlimited damn-near-everything-else. Not to mention a free domain registration, and the fact that the space and transfer increase WEEKLY.

But I digress with my spam. Anyway, keep an eye out for the galleries, and check out all my photos and stuff when I get it up. ^_^

April Fool's!

04/02/06 @ 12:00:00 am, Categories: Baka-chan vs. Stupid People, Baka-chan Brings The Funny, News, 17 words, 1175 views  

If you believed my last post AT ALL, you should really obey natural selection by killing yourself.


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