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I dun de-categorized this sucker. Now for the re-categorizing! Then I'm going to take live.


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GPMoD Giveaway #0001

10/10/05 @ 12:56:35 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 643 words, 1002 views  

I felt kinda cheesy asking for donations to get the hardware and things I need for the site, (Remember, I'm currently unemployed) when the site doesn't have any content yet... So I figured the best way to get things rolling would be to have a giveaway for people who donate. I'm not asking for much. Get enough people together, and even a trivial amount of money from each person, is more than enough. I'm hoping that each of you can find it in your hearts (and wallets) to donate at least $5 (USD). Every increment of $5 you donate, will be another chance to win something. Nonetheless, don't think of it as some kind of raffle; you're donating to my site, and as a show of appreciation, I'm giving you a chance to win something cool in return. This is just the first of many giveaways. As more and more people come, the giveaways will get bigger.

Okay, with that said... Now on to the giveaway. For this first giveaway, I got sucked into a sort of Gundam theme. A large number of magazines that are covering SEED Destiny, as well as some Z Gundam movie coverage, and a couple of PS2 games. (The PS2 games are both Japanese language, and will require a modchip or swapdisk to play on a US console. They are, however, very easy to play, requiring little actual knowledge of Japanese. All other prizes are Japanese-language magazines. Unless you wakaru the nihongo, you're basically getting them for the pretty pictures. On the up-side, they _are_ chock full of pretty pictures. And most come with atleast a cool poster. :P)

Cosmic Era PS2: (1 up for grabs!)
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Generation of C.E. (JP)

You know how much I dislike GSD, so when I say that this is the best Gundam turn-based strategy game ever can fully appreciate my meaning. It covers SEED and Destiny storylines, as well having MSV and Astray stories. Everything about this game just rocks. Especially the real-time rendered combat 'cutscenes', as you've likely seen me post captures of previously.

Uchuu Senki PS2: (2 up for grabs!)
Mobile Suit Gundam: One Year War (JP)

Best real-time Gundam game...ever.

Newtype Prize Pack: (3 up for grabs!)
May, June, July 2005 Issues of Newtype Japan

These issues each come with very nice Gundam SEED Destiny 'Character file' booklets for Zaft, Phantom Pain, and Eternal factions. July issue comes with a double-sided SEED Destiny pencil board featuring Kira and Lacus. The July issue also has some nice coverage of the new Z Gundam movie. (Including a Quattro/Hyakushiki cover.)

Animage: (2 up for grabs!)
Animage June 2005

Athrun on cover, SEED Destiny Clearfile. Lucky bastards, I bought three and one didn't come with a clearfile. So I guess I'm SOL.

Newtype: (1 up for grabs!)
Newtype July 2005

See description of July issue in Newtype Prize Pack above.

Modeler's Prize Pack: (3 up for grabs!)
Dengeki Hobby June 2005

Features some great Gundam models, and comes with a little Zoids kit!

Hobby Japan June 2005, July 2005
Both feature a lot of great Gundam kits. The July issue covers an incredible model of Shinn Asuka (Also featured on that issue's poster), and a huge Votoms special, including a 1:1 scale Scopedog some guy made.

In the next couple of days, I'll add cover scans of the magazines and stuff, as well as some pictures of what comes with them, etc. doesn't have its own paypal account at the moment, so I'll be using the Tangible Imagination one, and will start taking donations sometime this week after I determine the goal for the giveaway. (I will also post further information at that time.) The giveaway will be open to anyone who wants to help with the site, but if you don't live in the US, shipping may be problematic. (I'll figure that out when it happens.)

The anticipation is killing me!

08/25/05 @ 06:04:04 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 139 words, 1085 views  

Arrgh! I want to play this game more, but I REALLY want to finish the site so I can get some images and videos up! You HAVE to see this game!

I am, of course, talking about Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Generation of C.E.. Probably the greatest Bandai turn based strategy game. Even better than any of the SD Gundam or Super Robot Taisen games! Seriously. It's that good. Gameplay like you wouldn't believe, and even better graphics. I'd have to say, that the only drawback is that it's looking to be a bit short, and it's not on a system that can output in HD. (Although they could have done progressive scan like God of War...but so far NO ONE has done that BUT the GoW team...share the secret, guys! We deserve better-looking games!)

It'll be a little while yet.

08/24/05 @ 07:33:08 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 108 words, 1008 views  

Okay, I'm starting to fall behind on modifying the site, if only because stylesheets will forever kick my ass.

Anyway, once everything's running smoothly, I have two immediate reviews:

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Generation of C.E.


Cowboy Bebop: Tsuitou no Yakyoku

First impressions? So far, the Cowboy Bebop game feels like an attempt to squeeze a few extra bucks out of the franchise...but it's Cowboy Bebop, so it's still great. The SEED Destiny game is a real surprise, though. We all know how much I hate Destiny for basically defiling all things Gundam (Even moreso than SEED itself), but this game is just AWESOME.

The Open Source community will save us all.

08/22/05 @ 04:02:31 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 65 words, 1018 views  

List of some great plugins and hacks for b2evolution:

An implementation of the Captcha authorization code for comment posting.

A hack to add category icons to your posts, like in slashcode or phpnuke.

A really nice bit of code to automatically create links based on words in a file. (Another great hack by EdB!)

Something to tidy up my category tree, collapsible category tree!

Don't Panic!

08/21/05 @ 06:48:10 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 50 words, 1094 views  

Yes, the site has undergone a drastic visual change. I'm currently working on taking the current skin and turning it into 3 different custom GPMoD skins, so the final site will have the those, and 'basic', which is almost a plaintext version. :P

And, I'm starting the re-categorizing effort. Go me!

A little progress.

08/19/05 @ 08:01:35 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 65 words, 1059 views  

Wow, I got a nice little hack for b2evo that, besides allowing me to clean up all the bullshit spam on my blog, makes further spam cleanup a two-click operation. (Oh yeah, I also updated to the latest version of b2evolution)

So, next step is to re-categorize everything.

btw, thanks for the comment EdB. I too am glad you're not a spammer. :P


08/14/05 @ 12:20:42 pm, Categories: Uncategorized, 47 words, 972 views  

Okay, I've been really lame about updating this lately, and I take full responsibility for it all.

In the next week or so, I'm going to dismantle this site to recategorize everything, and purge all the spam, since I've fallen too far behind to remove it manually.


07/30/05 @ 09:29:19 am, Categories: Uncategorized, 255 words, 1027 views  

Okay, just so you all know I'm not dead, I thought I'd explain wtf is going on. I have a lot of financial, work-related, and other real life issues (TM) to deal with. So it's been distracting me from EVERYTHING. I haven't been too distracted to think about what I need to do, and work through the stuff in my head, it's just the actually getting it done with that I've been prevented from doing.

Piney, sorry. I'll take care of the memory and everything ASAP. But if you want to wait a couple of days, I'll have some DVDs so I can burn off all that stuff you wanted.

I'm finally getting back on track, but now the new 200gb drive is full. No shit. So as soon as I get DVDs, I can FINALLY start capturing gameplay videos in earnest.

LLTA, I swear to God, the next time you tell me to buy some MMORPG you're playing, when you know damn well I can barely afford food, I will simply fucking KILL YOU. You will say it, "Baka, buy CoH and play with me!" and then I will reach through the monitor and snuff out your inane little existence. Is that understood? Oh yeah, and fix your goddamn website, your website is a disgrace to HTML, the web, and internet protocols in general. YOUR SITE MAKES VINTON CERF CRY.

Fix it or I'll sneak into your house in the middle of the night in full Splinter Cell gear, and break your goddamn neck.


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