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Quantum Terrorism

12/28/09 @ 02:38:06 pm, Categories: Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Baka-chan vs. The World, Random Randomness, 189 words, 1697 views  

What it is I could have possibly said to elicit this, I do not know. Perhaps Swift knows me too well, but a question was posed that led to all manner of hilarity.

[12.28/12.41.24] <+Swift> What manner of dastardly plan are you concocting, you?
[12.28/12.41.36] <@Baka-chan> Who? Me?
[12.28/12.41.37] <@Baka-chan> :3
[12.28/12.41.43] <+Swift> Yes.
[12.28/12.41.44] <@Baka-chan> I concoct no plans.
[12.28/12.42.10] <@Baka-chan> We all know that my acts of global terrorism are wholly spontaneous.
[12.28/12.42.26] <+Swift> lol

And now for the inevitable, random, and yet somehow totally epic interruption by Shin_Getter… (With spelling corrections for those who can’t translate shinglish.)

[12.28/12.50.19] <Shin_Getter> the truth is Baka-chan resides in an indeterminate state of terrorism at all times, in which all possible terrorist acts coexist simultaneously, and mere mortals are only capable of witnessing one possible result of Baka’s rampage as their feeble powers of observation can only observe one possible superposition of the outcome

This resulted in Swift scribbling a quick and hilarious 4koma. Now all we need is an audio clip of what Shin wrote in a Hawking-esque synth voice.


07/20/08 @ 12:36:02 am, Categories: Random Randomness, 0 words, 980 views  
A week in Adobe Illustrator

03/23/08 @ 09:28:31 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Pretty Pictures, Random Randomness, 292 words, 2014 views  

As I’m sure you all know, one of my functions on this planet is that of a graphic designer. As such, I have a certain affinity for Adobe software. I love vector-based graphics. So clean, elegant, and unlimited resolution, almost without any kind of overhead.

Adobe Illustrator is one of my favorite programs, period. I can, in a short period of time, churn out all sorts of craziness.

One of my ‘Damn I’m bored’ activities, is to recreate a logo or image in Illustrator. Many of you, I’m sure, are familiar with the concept of ‘vectoring’; taking a screenshot from an anime, and creating a vector-based image of a character or scene. I wish I could do that. I don’t know why I can’t, maybe I just don’t have the patience… But all attempts to do that have ended in failure. I am, however, extremely good at logos and other such things.

Here’s some stuff I’ve done in the last week.


The title logo from the mahjong eroge FULLANI from Leaf/Aquaplus. (I’m really proud of this one, because I pulled off an extremely complex logo and effects, with very very few objects.)


If this requires introduction, leave my site now and ever come back.


The new NERV logo from the movie. Not 100% accurate because the source I was basing it on was not the final design. Once the movie comes out on DVD, I should have a better reference. (There are some very small differences in the final)

I also showed the guys in #moe what my $500 printer and its CFS can do. (When combined with the moe.imouto image repository)

Other than that, I’ve got some stuff going on, hope to have something cool to share in the immediate future.

Making Mithril

12/03/06 @ 03:29:15 am, Categories: Life of Baka, Pretty Pictures, Random Randomness, 1026 words, 13262 views  

The epic in which Baka-chan does battle with the internet, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Celtic mythology to recreate the emblem of his favorite fictional asskicking paramilitary organization! Don't miss it!

Read on!

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03/21/06 @ 11:50:03 pm, Categories: Credit Where Credit's Due, Random Randomness, 83 words, 1076 views  

Gabe and Tycho over at PA have done what I guess you could call a 'pilot' for a podcast...just testing the water. A look into the kinds of conversations that spawn the comics. At any rate, it's a good listen. As the *chan kids would say "I lol'd." and I did, a lot.

I hope they make this a regular thing, 'cause it sure is funny. (As one might expect.) And it lends credence to my idea of doing a podcast ^^


Casval Deikun lives!

03/20/06 @ 02:58:45 am, Categories: Baka-chan vs. The Anime Community, Baka-chan Brings The Funny, Random Randomness, 199 words, 2318 views  

So, I was doing some random surfing, when I heard about this guy, Daisuke 'Dice-K' Enomoto, someone who cashed in on a string of dot-coms and made himself a modest fortune, and is going to be the next 'space tourist'. (I personally think 'commercial astronaut' sounds better...) Anyway, I didn't really care much about that, beyond the fact that he was the first Japanese 'space tourist'...until I read that he wants to dress as Char Aznable. I was like... SIEG ZEON!

Seriously. He's going to dress as Char, he's already dyed his hair blonde, and he's going to build some gunpla in microgravity on the ISS. All I could think of, was what Lewis Black says about wealthy CEOs coming up with creative things to spend money on instead of simple one-upsmanship. THIS is the kind of thing he's talking about. This guy is going into SPACE as one of the biggest Japanese pop-culture icons of the last 30 years. Char-fucking-Aznable. That's a pretty creative and damned-cool way to blow several million dollars. This guy is awesome beyond compare.

JESUS FUCK! Yes, I know this is old news! But it's not like I post every friggin day, you know?

The Special Hell

02/28/06 @ 10:20:06 pm, Categories: Shiny Things, Pretty Pictures, Random Randomness, 19 words, 1196 views  

Shuffle! House...because sometimes having a wallpaper image of them isn't enough.

Shuffle! House - Primula

In other news, Lobster is a Rori-Pedophin.

About my earlier post...

11/20/05 @ 12:26:41 pm, Categories: Pretty Pictures, Credit Where Credit's Due, Random Randomness, 87 words, 1034 views  

No, Gaijin Hero isn't the name of a new manga I'm working on, and no, I didn't finally 'change the title of Gaijin Samurai because it sucks, you stupid wapanese' It is simply a title of distinction. Azrael is a Gaijin Hero. The two guys at Lik-Sang who were running around Akihabara the night before release showing off a PSP they had already bought are Gaijin Heroes. (In fact, they created the term.) Is Baka-chan a Gaijin Hero? Well, I guess that's for my readers to decide.


11/20/05 @ 08:42:29 am, Categories: Uncategorized, Pretty Pictures, Random Randomness, 0 words, 1129 views  

11/12/05 @ 02:45:01 am, Categories: Shiny Things, Pretty Pictures, Random Randomness, 29 words, 1029 views  

I was just randomly scanning things with my scanner when I decided to scan my Eureka seveN UMD.

(Roughly actual size on my monitor. 1280x1024 on a 19" Flat CRT)


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